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Changes on the Cambridge Hospital Community Health Network Names

Changeson the Cambridge Hospital Community Health Network



Changesin Health Sector

Thechief clinical officer of Cambridge Hospital Community HealthNetwork, Dr. James Schlosser, after reviewing the operating cost himrealizes that the cost has been increasing every year and the budgetfor the current year was even higher (Kulkarni, 2009). He felt thatthe existing system did not present the actual expenditures fromtheir departments and other programs. He felt that there was a needto change the system because he was sure the current regime couldnever solve the problem. Through the analysis, he discovers how thehealth sector has had changes in operating cost, and it has beenincreasing drastically. And this reflected the changes happening tothe network (Kulkarni, 2009).

Thechanges that occurred in the health sector had a lot of impact onmany hospitals and the health sector in general. The hospitalmanagements made all the necessary adjustments to fit the changingtimes. Technological advancement led to the increase of the hospitalcare. With more research, it resulted in the need of expansion ofnurse to patient ratio and more skilled employees (Kulkarni, 2009).The Cambridge hospital had employed too may interns, and thisincreased the hospitals operating cost. The network also hadunreliable cost recording whereby all the costs were not accuratelyrecorded but were recorded in general, and this led to inaccuratecost estimation (Kulkarni, 2009).

Mostimportantly, to reduce the operating cost, the management had to makesome necessary adjustments. The management had a first to conductindividual research from the departments this will enable the chiefclinical officer to determine the real value from the sources point.Then they will put a system that will allow recording of individualcosts from the department (Overbo, 2016). This will make it simple totrace each cost incurred by the network. Retrenching of interns andemployees to the necessary level will be an option they can`t avoidto take because it will make the hospital avoid unnecessary cost andthe rampant increase in operation cost will be slowed down (Overbo,2016).

TheCambridge hospital community network was a health center that washelping a lot of people. Due to the changes in the in the healthsector, it was experiencing some difficult times in its operationsdue to the increase operation cost. The management had to come upwith a solution to restrain this otherwise the expense would behigher than the revenue, and this would lead to the fall of thehospital. The management took the necessary action to handle thesituation (Overbo, 2016).


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