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Lindau,S. T., Vickery, K. D., HwaJung, C., Makelarski, J., Matthews, A., &ampDavis, M. (2016) A Community-Powered, Asset-Based Approach toIntersectoral Urban Health System Planning in Chicago AmericanJournal Of Public Health, 106(10),1872-1878

Theintroduction information will be gotten from this reference. Theintroduction will constitute of facts and figures to support thethesis statement that will appear at the end of the introductionparagraph of the speech. I will use this reference to give abackground of Chicago. Past details of Chicago will be essential indiscussing the journey of Chicago from one point to the other. I willalso discuss the urban health system of Chicago which is one of thestrength of Chicago that is unknown to many people. This is one ofthe good sides that the media has not focused on.

Jentz,J. B., &amp Schneirov, R. (2012). Chicago in the Age ofCapital : Class, Politics, and Democracy During the Civil War andReconstruction. Urbana: University of Illinois Press.

Chicagoadapted new political system after the Civil war. Democracy is onethe unsung good of Chicago. The State was reconstructed not onlyphysically but the political systems were also reconstructed toensure free and sober leadership in the State.

Mitrani,S., &amp Project, M. (2013). The Rise of the ChicagoPolice Department : Class and Conflict, 1850-1894. Urbana:University of Illinois Press.

Itwould be impractical to highlight the goods of Chicago withoutcomparing it to either another state or the historical Chicago.Notably, most of these goods came as a result of conflict or afterwar. After the Class and Conflict the police department wasreorganized to have one of the best police forces in America.