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Circle of Caring

Circleof Caring

Circleof Caring

Circleof Care Modelling is a patient-centric modelling approach of thesystem of healthcare, and it is used to search for improvements incare. The main features of this model are the use of patients`personas for interviews structuring with providers trying tounderstand the problem the other people involved in care and theway they communicate. This model also develops Rich Pictures whichdescribes the journey of the patient via the system of healthcare atthe level of the community. It also recruits more providers based onother interviews conducted before. It complements interviews withother analysis to comprehend circle of patients` care, for example,reviews for documentation (Dunphyet al., 2015). This paper will highlight the unique qualities of thecircle of caring model and how it differs from holistic nursingtheories and biomedical nursing.

Thedifference between the circle of caring model and holistic nursing isthat holistic nursing is a nursing practice that aims at healing thesick person as a whole. The practice understands that a patient isdifferent from his or her illness. The healing focuses on the mind’sspirit, emotions, relationships, cultural/social, environment,context and body interconnectedness(Dossey et al., 2016).All these aspects combine to make a person, so in order to achievehealing to the sick person, the nurse using the holistic model focuson all of these aspects and how they can impact the health of thesick person. This differs from the circle of care model which isbased on interviews with the patients, so it depends on theconversation history.

Biomedicalnursingis a model that is conceptual of illness that does not include socialand psychological factors. It only includes biological factors tounderstand the illness or disorder of the person.It differs from the circle of care modeling in that it only usesbiological features to determine the patient’s illness (Rice,2012).&nbsp


Thecircle of caring model focuses on the journey a patient takes throughthe system of healthcare, incorporating information from pastinterviews and practitioners. Circle of care centers onconversational history, holistic nursing concentrates on all theaspects of a person and their environment, while the biomedicalnursing depends entirely on the biological features to determine thepatient’s condition.


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