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Theoriginal sin doctrine is the Christian instructions on the conditionof the sin of human beings caused by the fall of man through thedisobedience of Adam and Eve. Here, the lesson is that the sins madeby ancestors flow down to the descendants also called the AncestralFault. It also says that human beings are born corrupted. On theother hand, the concept of creation proclaims the existence of onetrue God, one principle of all things, creator of all things and byHis Almighty power all things were created at the beginning of time.As such, these doctrines make sense of the world today and guide theviews of the human beings in the world.

Thedoctrine of original sin makes sense for people today in that manyChristians appeal to it in a way (Heine p.60). The idea of humanitybearing the consequences of the sins committed by Adam is representedby the concept of a head being chosen to represent a group or acountry (Heine p.62). This leader can make decisions on behalf of thegroup without consulting the members. Consequently, the members areaffected and imputed by the results of the decision made by theleader. In this same way, Adam was the head of the human race, andall the consequences of the decisions he made befell humanity.

Theconcept of creation makes sense of the world for people today as ithelps humanity distinguish worldviews (Heine p.26). Worldviews enablehuman beings to make sense of the world and fit the experience of theworld. For instance, the doctrine explains that man was created inGod’s image, so human beings are guided to treat each other fairly.Additionally, it teaches humanity of the wisdom of God as He createdthe world with wisdom, great power, and immense strength (Heinep.40).

Inconclusion, the doctrine of original sin and that of creation teacheshumanity of its origin. It also shows human beings of what positionto take regarding contemporary issues, and they shape their overallworld view. As such, these teachings make proper sense out of theworld today.


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