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Classic Film Analysis

ClassicFilm Analysis

The article CinematicCultural Diffusion: American and Chinese Filmsby Wang Ning illustrates how cultural diffusion occurs in the twonations. In this case, the description uses the movie Sleeplessin Seattle, which is the original American one and Chineseversion that is Finding Mr. Right. This essay will argue howthe author shows that the adaptation of the American movies led tothe Chinese people taking English as a second language, and they alsogot a chance to understand their culture too.

Ning revealsthat the cultural diffusion has facilitated the spread of English inthe Asian nations where they have picked it as a second language. Inthis case, the scenario has arisen from the practice of Chinese filmproducers borrowing various ideologies from the American movies (Ning234). In the process, they were forced to understand the language andfocus on making it more appealing to both sides. More important, theauthor uses the adaptation of the American romantic comedy Sleeplessin Seattle to the Chinese version that is Finding Mr. Right.

The concept of the language diffusion is true,and it will happen based on the interest in the movie. For instance,the Chinese people might want to understand how Finding Mr. Rightborrowed various elements from the original American version. Theprocess will introduce the Chinese audience to multiple changes, andthey will have to understand English in order to identify thespecific aspects that the Chinese film director had made. They willeven determine how different the American culture is. However, itwill be difficult to identify all that without mastering the Englishlanguage since the approach will help them capture more about theAmericans.

The author also insists that the films are often used as a way ofexpressing the national culture and identity in the society. Forinstance, some of the Chinese film directors have assimilated theAmerican film culture into a wide variety of the Chinese films (Ning236). Apart from that, they have also picked a number of themes fromthe Chinese society to make it more interesting. Hence, a Chineseperson watching Finding Mr. Right will understand various elements ofthe American culture such as the language, dressing and the chivalrytoo. On the other hand, an American watching the same movie will alsounderstand the Chinese culture.

In this case, the issue of the national identity is critical andshows how an individual nation will associate itself with specificcultural elements. In fact, the movie Finding Mr. Right is theperfect example to understand the difference between the twodifferent cultures. For instance, the American version shows thatpeople fall in love at first sight while the Chinese version insiststhat it takes a longer period for two people to fall in love. Moreimportant, the two movies would have shown that Chinese people oftentake their time to understand each other before they make theirrelationship more serious.

In conclusion, the adaptation of the moviesinfluenced cultural diffusion among the Chinese audience. Moreimportant, the Chinese had to learn English and master a proper wayof differentiating their culture and the American’s way of life. Infact, they also had to change various elements of the movie and makesure that they also had a few elements of the Chinese society andhistory to make it more interesting. In this case, the variouscultural changes are crucial and make sure that the audience gets achance to understand both sides of the coin and ensure that they willstill appreciate the other cultures despite the changes that theyhave experienced.

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