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Coca-Cola marketing tactics?

Coca-Colamarketing tactics?

Currently,Coca-Cola operates in more than 200 countries worldwide and is theleading manufacturer of soft-drinks. Significant amounts of theirrevenue are generated from countries outside the United States. Thesuccess of the company can be attributed to effective marketingstrategies that it has used over time to outdo its competitors.

Company’smarketing tactics

Overthe recent past, Coca-Cola has embarked on competitive positioning asa marketing strategy. This is because the company knows that itsproducts are popular worldwide and liked by people of all ages. Thefirm has therefore acknowledged that business profits are determinedby the customer segments, market size and competitors among otherfactors.

Imageprojected on the website

Thecompany has used multiple images on its website. There is that of awhite lady holding a bottle of Cock, and there is also that of aBlack woman drinking from the bottle. Additionally, there is that oflovers sharing a glass of Cock together. In both images, the phrase“taste the feeling” has been used and the people in the picturesare very happy.


Froman individual’s perspective, its website image is consistent thecompany’s marketing strategy because it seeks to include all itscustomers on board. For example, since the company has penetratedinto Africa, including a black female model as part of the advertseeks to target a particular niche of the population. Additionally,since the company claim that its products open happiness, the use oftwo lovers, demonstrate that the product also suits this section ofthe population. It is thus evident from the advertisement that thecompany aims to strategically position itself across every sector ofthe society regardless of race, marital status or any other factor.


Itis evident that the success of Coca-Cola Company has mainly beenattributed to its effective marketing strategy. The firm usescompetitive positioning to identify new opportunities and establishits brand. This has enabled its product to appease to both theyounger and older generations.


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