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Code of Ethical Conduct

Codeof Ethical Conduct

Codeof ethical conduct

Codeof ethics is important in organizations for it promotes moralbehaviors, and sets the guidelines for ethical decision making. Muchfar, code of conduct boost organization reputation and preventsnegative effects that might arise. Besides, code of conductencourages optimistic relations between organizations and also actsas a reference in solving related ethical issues. A code of ethicshighlights key values which organization members should uphold andobserve. It is also important to note that, code of conduct enablesan organization to stay in the market and remain competitive.

Codeof ethics and code of conduct Cheesecake Factory

Inrelation to code of ethics of Cheesecake Factory, significant ethicalrules are outlined to maximize the company performance. Keysignificant code of conduct includes:

Generalstandards of conduct

TheCompany emphasizes more on trust, devotion, sincerity, andresponsibility among senior and junior staffs. To remain afloat, allstaff members are treated with dignity and respect to achieve meritin business. On the same note, all staff at all levels have theresponsibility to observe the code of conduct and know theirresponsibility in their respective departments, observe companypolicies and procedures to uphold the companies’ interests.


Itis important for all staff to adhere and comply with federal, stateand local laws and policies at all times. Compliance with thesepolicies is essential to the Cheesecake Factory corporate philosophy.

Competitionwith the company

Thesepolicies regulate direct competition from directors and officersserving in the company. With this policy regulation, the companyremains afloat in business limiting the substantial detrimentaleffect on the company.

Conflictsof interest

Itis a key responsibility for the company and its employees to avoidsituations that create a conflict of interest with the company. Inthe ethical code of conduct, issues related to business finances,corporate relations, and supplier relations must be handled withgreat intelligence to avoid tarnishing company name (The CheesecakeFactory, 2016).

Implementingthe code of conduct

Training,a business representative could work comprehensively with theexisting employees to make sure they fully understand the code ofconduct, requirements and company expectations. The company caninitiate an online training course, delivering topics making iteasier for staff members to learn at ease. Following the training,staff should sign a clearance certificate to confirm that they haveunderstood all the relevant ethical issues in concern.

Givingout employee handbook printed version is another vital key step thata company should take to ensure code of conduct adheres. A handbookleft in the mutual areas example the meeting room provides workerswith easy access to all laid out policies relating to good code ofconduct.

Thecompany should ensure that they get feedback from the staff whichwill ensure that they have fully understood the code of conduct. Itis also good to provide effective training in case the staff has notunderstood the code. For example, a company representative canphysically show them chosen smoking areas.

Thecompany should ensure that staff accepts the code by signing a deedstating that they have agreed to adhere to the terms and conditionsof the conduct. This move minimizes the conflicts that may arise ifan employee violates the code of conduct and disciplinary action needbe taken.

SocialResponsive Activities for Cheesecake Factory

Inthe area of social responsive, Cheesecake Factory can engage inactivities like giving free food to the less fortunate in thecommunity within the area of its operation. Other areas thatCheesecake Company can donate free meals include thanksgiving massesand Christmas parties to offered children. This action shows theability of the company to give back to the society hence creatinggood community integration.

Anotherway that Cheesecake Company can engage in reactive social activity inthe community is by raising money for a local organization.Cheesecake Company can come up with a sponsorship foundation programcontributing funds to community service projects. The company canorganize charity walks distributing T-shirts to create awareness ofterminal illness such as cancer. Money raised from the charity walkscan be used to expand various foundations example cancer center.

CheesecakeCompany could engage in hunger relief program, whereby the companycan collect and donate surplus food from respective restaurants tofeed the starving groups. The collected food can be donated tofeeding agencies for adequate supply and delivery to the deservinggroups (Fisher, 2016).


Thecode of ethics and business conduct in companies is projected tofacilitate companies’ compliances with all legal mattersrequirements and enhance standards of ethical business conduct. It isthe due responsibility of all employees and business stakeholders toobserve and adhere to the code of conduct layout. The code of conductprovides provisions to be applied using common sense and makingbetter judgments.


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