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Coffee Addiction



Addictionis one problem that many of us always want to avoid, but how do weevade it if it is something inherent in us? Just like common addictspeople, I was a coffee enthusiast. It is vital to note that coffeecontains the addictive caffeine element. In the past, I would takecoffee at least three times a day it was a normal obsession thatbecame a habit and later addiction. Doing without coffee would be anightmare there was some inner force that would keep pushing me tohave it and on the extreme, I would experience serious headaches.Evidently, coffee addiction has detailed information that I willoutline herein relative to my experience on the same.

Itall began with my eldest male cousin who works at a coffee firm. Thecompany exports finely graded coffee to different parts of the world.Employees at the corporation are allowed several packs of coffee atthe beginning of every month. My cousin who lives alone had a lot ofcoffee packs stored in his house because he has never been intocoffee drinking. On my regular visit to his house on weekends, Iwould ask him what I could carry with me. He would tell me that therewere coffee packs that were still fresh and if I do coffee, it wouldbe such a great deal to me. Despite the fact that he does notregularly take coffee, he insisted on the high quality it had,further giving the positive reviews by their clients. With such lightconviction, I carried them and started my coffee treat early morningbefore doing other tasks. Vividly, I can say I liked the taste andthe feeling that the drink gave me.

AlthoughI had taken coffee before, this was different because as I was up totask trying to prove to myself several aspects about the brand. Someof the aspects are staying awake, feeling energized, and nourishment.On a daily basis, I would have a cup of coffee in the morning thispractice turned into a habit of having another mug of coffee in themid-morning and another one in the evening or after dinner.Interestingly, the craving for coffee always came at these times Istructured myself to take it. Although doctors and physicians do notterm coffee addiction as a serious issue, I think it had become acritical concern for me. Comparatively, coffee addiction may not beseen as serious as the street drug one but still I felt the formerhad a grave impact on my life.

Withouta cup of coffee, I felt weak and fatigued with a lost focus for theday. When I lacked a penny to buy coffee, I would try as much aspossible to borrow the commodity or ask for a soft loan to get it. Athome, my parents noted the difference in my character I haddeveloped craving for coffee. The desire for coffee became too muchto the extent that I had no interest in other food stuff. The longingfor coffee also saw me like energy drinks that contained caffeine.Resultantly, I started to lose weight and this became worrying to myhealth-sensitive family.

Thecoffee drinking habit was now full blown because whenever I visitedfriends, I would ask for a mug. My addiction to coffee becamenauseating to some of my friends. Those who were against my habitfound themselves on the wrong side of my friend list some evenbecame foes. Coffee turned to be a drug for me, I would not listen toany piece of advice to let go of my addiction. Disagreements with myfriends arose, and this affected me gravely I became lonely.

Moreover,family members had begun worrying about my addiction since I wasgetting slimmer by day. It is not an easy move to see one’s familyworry about your health, but to me, they should not have been thatserious, “coffee is not that bad,” I used to say to myself. Myparents initiated detoxing programs at a certain medical institutionwhere one of their close friends used to work. Although they had paidheavily for these counselling sessions, I would avoid themintentionally. My rude move to avoid rehabilitation affected mymother who was diabetic. She became worried about my deterioratinghealth they had spent enough to see me reform but in vain. I hadbecome lazy and weak as the only son in the family, something waswrong. I remember vividly one night when my mother called me in herbedroom and I refused to heed to her call. In my mind, I knew she wasto give me her annoying lecture on matters of excessive coffee. Imoved out to get more coffee packs from my cousin as those in ourhouse were restricted. The following day I saw my father’s call, Iwas to resist picking it but changed mind, and what could he doanyway? I thought for myself, he is far and I am here enjoying what Ilike! The voice on the other end changed everything. I just heard,“she is no more.” My mother had passed on her call last nightwas the last I would hear from her? Oh no! Painful tears rolled downmy cheeks uncontrollably. For her love, I knew this was the time forme to do what was right.

Mylate mother’s advice became my turning point. I started visitingthe clinical setting for therapy and detoxing sessions. Everythingseemed different headaches, anxiety, irritability and fatigue becamethe order of the day after quitting coffee. I vowed not to takecoffee and instead look for healthier and organic drinks such asblended juices. The struggle was real as I used to rush to thechemist and get pharmaceuticals to ease the withdrawal pains. Theprocess was draining me but I kept focus. I knew the larger purposethat was being served. Therefore, the pain was necessary to me andwas a significant warning against addiction. In the first month, lifewas challenging, but the detoxing, which involved drinking water andjuice made it less painful. Exercises that included aerobics wereincorporated in the rehabilitation program. It was exciting to seemyself do what I thought would be impossible. The second month was alot easier I repeated the program I did in the first month, but nowwith less strain. It has become routine, I watch what I drink andthis has transcended into watching what I eat. I drink organic juicesand a lot of water. Exercising has become routine and an excitingpart of my life. Coffee addiction is now a thing of the past to meand anyone battling it can win.

Conclusively,my coffee addiction started as a simple practice of taking it in themorning to overdoing it. Moreover, the dependency on coffee was toomuch that it was making me feeble and lazy. The current society wantshardworking persons, more so, healthy ones who can perform well intheir various designations. Addiction is a bad aspect and if one getsan opportunity to outdo it, it is best for him/her to use that chanceand not wait for serious repercussions. Cognitively, coffee addictioncan be easily be battled like I did. Through therapy, detoxing, andexercising, I am now free from coffee addiction.