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Cognitive behavioral therapy at Work

Cognitivebehavioral therapy at Work


CognitiveBehavioral Therapy at Work

Cognitive-behavioraltherapy is a type of psychotherapy used to treat difficulties andenhance happiness by transforming dysfunctional feelings, behaviors,and judgments. CBT aims at ways out, inspiring patients to contestmisleading cognitions and alter destructive forms of behavior. CBTdivides a situation into five parts namely the problem, thoughts,emotions, physical feelings, and actions. Each of these parts of theproblem affects each other. Why do we implement CBT at our workplaces? Cognitivebehavior therapy is implemented at our workplaces since it isrecommendable in solving work-related stress.

Therapyencourages staffs to open up on how they feel about themselves, thosearound them and the environment. Research records that about eightmillions of people at the working age, suffer from mental relatehealth issues like insomnia, depression, and anxiety. CBT isrecommended as the best treatment therapy since it is the mostsuitable psychological management for short term and severedepression. CBT can be administered together with antidepressantsmedications. Employers can offer CBT to their employees they willundergo assessing by a medical professional to determine if it issuitable or not. CBT involves a face-to-face session of about sixmonths. Some of the employees remain at work during this sessionwhile others require an early return to their workplace. CBT shiftsindividual`s thoughts on having little or no control over thesituations and empowers them to learn how to cope with the situationor relate differently (Beck,J. S.,2011).

Thereare CBT techniques that one can use in their lives. They techniquesare relaxation training, identifying the anxiety causing thought anddisputing of the anxiety causing thoughts.

Identifying the thoughts that cause anxiety and self –doubt is oneof the CBT techniques. How individuals talk to themselves about acertain situation is what affects one’s feelings over thesituation. Repetition of self- defeated thought in one’s mind leadsto being emotional upset lowering their self-esteem and leaves themdepressed.

Relaxation training is another technique of CBT. Learning how torelax helps release the tension in one`s muscles, therefore, reducingthe thinking speed making the brain work better. Gen. Colin Powellcame up with a rule that states&quot the situation is not as bad asyou think, it will look better in the morning,&quot this is becauseindividual`s brains rest through the night making them see situationsdifferently after that (Beck,J. S.,2011).

Disputing the anxiety causing thought is another CBT technique. Whenone has identified the anxiety causing and self-defeat thought, theyshould learn how to dispute it.one should question their thoughts ifthey are true or not, how sure they are and find alternative thoughtsthat could be truer.

Asa military man, work stress affects a majority of us in this field.We keep away from home to participate in missions. The environment inwhich we hold the missions are mainly in a forest where we risk theattack by wild animals, diseases, drowning in the rivers, gettinglost in the forests and losing track of the rest of the crew andbeing attacked by the terrorists. This type of environments causesstress in us, as they do not give any comfort. We are always forcedto keep alert due to attacks from theenemies. The military personnel risk suffering from trauma related toshootings and bombing. These missions keep us away from our families,and we never get the moment to bond with our children and wives. Werarely get the chance to help in the family responsibilities andleave them to our wives in our absence (Beck,J. S.,2011).

Thetraining in the field is harsh and may at times give us the thoughtof giving up. The pressure from the captains maybe too much to handleand ay lead to one falling into depression. To the family back athome, they live in fear that their family members may be killed onthe battlefield never to see them again. This anxiety may lead theminto depression. The family members, therefore, live in hope andprayer that they will reconnect with their dear ones after themissions are over (Beck,J. S.,2011).

Cognitivebehavioral therapy is much required in the military field. The menand women in it should undergo this treatment from time to time, asit would help them remain focused in their career and assist them tocope with the stress in this field. CBT would assist them to relax inpressured situations, help them to discover the stress causingthoughts and how to deal with them and to dispute the stress causingthoughts. Antidepressants are necessary for making one relax but notrecommended as the treatment of work-related stress and depression(Beck,J. S.,2011).


CBT is a most suitable treatment to stress related issues. It worksbest when the patient accepted they are suffering from the behavioralproblems and is willing to go through the healing process. The CBTtechniques identifying the stress causing thoughts, disputing themand learning how to relax are beneficial to employees suffering fromwork stress and everyone else going through these problems. CBTprocess can be administered together with antidepressants. Employersshould consider practicing CBT on their employees to ensure acomfortable working environment since no work is stress free.


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