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Cognitive Distortion Assignment


Cognitive DistortionAssignment

What is the distortion you are most prone to?

Filtering is a common cognitive distortion where a person magnifiesthe negative while trivializing all the positive aspects of asituation.

Irrational belief

My friend feels that he will never be able to drive. He feelspathetic because most of his college mates drive themselves toschool. His mother wants him to join her in business, but he feelsthis may never happen at least not soon. He has a strong feeling thathe is suffering from anxiety that is preventing him fromconcentrating while driving.

Evidence for

It took him just a few lessons to know how to drive. However, he hastried to get a driving license five times and failed in all theattempts. His problem is that he cannot focus on one thing at a time.Whenever he comes across a situation where he has to decide betweenleft and right, he is forced to slow down to enable him to figure outwhich way to turn. Most of the times, this is not taken kindly byother drivers. He also faces difficulties when overtaking or parking.He has a poor sense of distance hence he is unable to make a properassessment of the space available in the parking lot to know whetherhis car will fit in or not.

Evidence against

Upon visiting a psychologist, he was not diagnosed with any mentaldisorder, not even anxiety. This means that even if he has challengeswhile driving, it does not result from his irrational thinking. Besides, his driving instructor told him that he has seen many peopleexhibiting the same symptoms during their first days in a drivingschool. However, eventually, all of them learn how to drive and get alicense.

New realistic statement

Although it may take him a little longer to get a driving license, hewill finally have it. He will need to do more practice by driving onroads with less traffic and few roundabouts.