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Comcast Corporate Entrepreneurship

ComcastCorporate Entrepreneurship

ComcastCorporate Entrepreneurship


ComcastVentures is a private company that came into initiation in the year1999. The organization is also known as Comcast Interactive Capital.It is a corporate venture capital industry that does not seed andalso carried out private equity and debt financing activities. Theorganization concentrates on three different sectors that cover itsoperations. Notably, Comcast focuses on the Mobile, Advertising, andthe Software sections. These areas are well spread over their severalregions. The company has its presence in Europe, United States ofAmericana and Israel.

ComcastVentures is a capital affiliate of the greater Comcast Corporation.It is composed of two different organizations that recently merged.These organizations are Comcast Interactive Capital and NBC UniversalPeacock Equity Fund. The venture invests in innovative startups thatare a representative of the future generation in the communications,entertainment and technology sectors. The capital investments arecarried out by creating partnerships with the entrepreneurs who havethe vision and capability to move from one phase to another with thespecific vision that has been created for them (Wax, 2007). Thus, theorganization has numerous partnerships with companies that arecapable of moving from one step top another in the next generation.Comcast Ventures have the primary goal of ensuring that there aregreater financial returns through the creation of a portfolio andinvestment of the resources of the companies to the right effortswhich would add an even greater meaning to the Comcast’s family ofcorporations. Therefore, this paper examines some of the innovativegestures that the organization has in been involvement with over therecent years and the advantages of the ventures that are presented bythe company. They look into the innovative gestures are and how theyhave created a leadership brand for the enterprise.

Historyof Comcast Corporation

Inthe year 1963, Ralph J Roberts in partnership with two of hisbusiness partners sought to purchase the American Cable Systems fromits parent company. The organization was still a young on with onlyfive channels and 12, 000 subscribers. After purchasing the company,Ralph and partners sought to buy off other agencies to expand theirservice delivery tot eh community (Parsons, 2003). The acquisition ofStorecast Corporation of America in the year 1965 and purchase of theMuzak Franchise enhanced the organization’s outreach to getting todifferent points that facilitated the creation of value to thecustomer base of the organization. During this duration, the teamstill served under the name American Cable Systems.


Inthe year 1969, American Cable Systems decided to change its name toensure that they had a new model of presenting themselves to thepublic. The organization came as Comcast. This name was anabbreviation of the words “Communications and Broadcast.” Thechange in name for the organization came with a wider appeal to theconsumer segments and creation of value for them. In the year 1972,the organization bagged a high market capitalization of $3,010,000.The growth of the organization was then tremendous as it appealed toeven the larger populations. The company came to the extent ofensuring that there are purchases by great companies to enhance themarket share. In the year 1977, there was the creation of HBO on aComcast system which had a customer base of 20,000 people in westernPennsylvania (Parsons, 2003). The first night of the platform gaineda 15% sign up. With the increasing activities and subscriptionswithin the customer population, the organization ensured that it wentout to the communities and integrated with other avenues that offeredentertainment to them. In the year 1986, Comcast increased itsinvestment to make sure that they had 26% of Group W Cable. Thepurchase increased the capacity of the company’s subscribers to 1Million people. The company involved itself in some purchases ofdifferent organizations to ensure that they had the greater marketshare that also went into making them have the right customer basethat they also required. These initiatives drove the great need for asystem that would incorporate the cellular network and communicationsnetwork. The purchase of American Cellular Network Corporation in theyear 1988 made it become a mobile phone operator company. Therefore,there was the creation of a new division in the organization to dealwith the mobile networks.

IncreasedMarket Share

Thecompany had a change of leadership from the founder president to hisson. The son, Brian Roberts ensures that he continued with the growthof the organization towards achieving a significant customer base.The newly set up cellular division made it easier to grow the companygiven the great advancements in technology in the later phase of the20th century. Through these purchase activities, the organizationgarnered a 3.5 Million subscribers by purchasing the Maclean-Hunters.

Thecompany then decided on bringing up different ventures to ensure thatthey had the desirable market share as needed. The market share ofthe organization was increased to a significant percentage when theyventured into the UK market and got into the telecommunicationsnetwork. The company invested in five different media channels thatmade it have a large attraction to investors and other affiliates whowere interested in carrying out the business with them. For instance,when the company envisioned the merger of GVC and CBS, they made theright move by increasing their stock share in the organization andhaving the majority share which then showed that they were in theright angle towards owning the organization and having the criticaldecision-making process. Notably, the organization, later on, soldtheir shares on GVC for $7.9 Billion to Liberty Media which carriedout the instrumental role of reliving them off the purchase.

Comcastproceeded to become the third largest cable company with a total of4.3 Million customers after they strategically purchased E.W ScrippsCompany. The acquisition of the organization acted in the right modeltowards the creation of a greater chance for the company to accesseven greater amounts of customers from the public. Comcast alsoinvested in the internet realm by providing the internet for theirclients at home. The venture, however, failed with the bankruptcy [email protected] venture, a move which saw the organization startdelivering the internet to the customers solely to their differenthomes.

Despitethe tremendous growth of the Organization within the United States,they decided to sell their UK division to NTL. The sale of the unitincluded the transfer of the company’s debt to NTL which they hadagreed to seek out. The company then proceeded to launch StyleNetwork which enhanced their market acquisition.

Therewere a series of debts that the firm was involved in and they theirsolving was by the sale of their different channels to willingbuyers. These channels included the Comcast Cellular. This deal madethe company get relieved from their $1.27 Billion debt. Theorganization was however overtaken by AT &amp T BroadbandCorporation in the purchase of Media One. They also decided to investin internet related services which would enhance their customer basisand the inclusion of a greater mass of the population in theiractions.


Inthe year 2001, Comcast Corporation announced that they would acquireassets from the largest cable service provider in the United States.This announcement came at a moment whereby AT $ T was the largestcable service provider in the country. Through the purchase of allthe assets of AT &amp T, the organization ensured that they were thelargest cable service provider in the United States. Thisestablishment led to the creation of a large base of subscribers. Onthe other hand, the creation of this model ensured that there was theinvention of another group which would facilitate the revenuegeneration of the company. The creation of Comcast Advertisement andSales division began since it was a part of the AT &amp T Company,the unit was later named as the Comcast Spotlight which led to thecreation of a large brand within the customer market.

Onthe other hand, Comcast has been in the bid for a merger with TheWalt Disney Company. Through the announcement of this merger, thecompany also ensured that they would save the Disney Company from a$12 Billion debt. Through the acquisition of Walt Disney, thecompany grew to the level of becoming the largest media conglomeratein the world. These actions made it easier to advance the creation ofrevenue from different platforms for the company and the deliveranceof quality service to the members of the society (Angwin et al.2004). Therefore, these actions are the best in the creation of areal brand within the community. Thus, these measures ameliorated thestatus of the company. On the other hand, another investment thatDisney considered as the most prized investment, ESPN, was purchasedby Comcast. By the buying of 80% stake at the company, the purchasewas made.

Tobecome among the greatest media enterprises in the world, Comcastensured that they also incorporated the creation of a merger systemwhereby they invested in other companies to bring out greaterbenefits for themselves. These investments led to the amelioratedservice delivery and a better leadership in the markets for theenterprise.

Thedifferent investments that the company got into made it have a betterangle at tackling market segments. The organization led the cable andinternet distribution platform whereby they also acquiredcommunication companies to increase their market share. For example,the company received a south Pennsylvania-based company, Sesquehammacommunication to enhance their market coverage, the organizationnotably had a base of 430, 000 subscribers. These activities made theorganization to create new divisions. For instance, the companycreated Comcast Interactive Media, which focused on the online mediadelivery, a new branch that was among those obtained from itsacquisitions (Story, 2008).

Inthe year 2006, Comcast ventured into the software realm. Theinvestment in the software company “thePlatform” allowed Comcastto get into a business whereby they could sell software to firms in amove that made them have the right model of showing their commitmentto the delivery of internet. The software sold to companies allowedthem to have the best model of controlling the Internet and enhancetheir media publishing efforts (Zachem, 2010). Thus, these actionsmade the new realm of the organization have a great reception fromthe market that had already started appreciating the creation onlineplatforms and integration of internet as one of their primary tools.

Comcastformed media outlets that they used to report from late September2009. The company got into talks to ensure that they also bought NBCand captured the market attention of the different parties within thecommunity. Through these ventures, different models made it easier totackle the spread of the company (Federal Communications, 2011).Notably, Comcast-controlled 51% of the stakes at NBC and decided toensure that they talked into buying the company. Through thesemeasures, there were better interventions that could be guaranteed toproliferate the instance where the company was counting on the rightobjectives which would channel them to the right audience andincrease their market share.

Comcastalso got into different initiatives that enhanced its inclinationtowards the buying of Time Warner Company which was an instrumentalcomposition of the society. On the other hand, the company ensuredthat the dofdre3nt acquired companies merged into one to make surethat they achieved their desire to run the market share. Throughthese actions, it was easier to establish that Comcast was on thepath towards the acquisition of the leading broadcasting firms in theUnited States of America. The organizational culture allowed forgrowth as it was wide and covered the different groups within thesociety which were for inclusion in the previously acquiredcompanies. Despite the expansionist model that was applied by thecorporation, they ensure that they used economies of scale and theeffective actions that would propel them towards their desired angle.Therefore, these activities were right on the road to creating a blogcompany that was efficient in tackling its actions as well as thecreation of different ways that ensured the determination of theprofit margin for the enterprise.

Therewas also deployment of Cellular service coverage for the company wasalso deployed when it merged with Verizon Company. The Verizoncompany carried out an instructional role in the creation of aplatform, and as a result of this, they could tackle a better marketsphere. The unique feature of the company made it easier fordifferent users of the cellular program to access service of theenterprise. These actions were in the right model towards making thecompany have the desired market leadership as well as venture intoour different sectors.

Thegrowth of the company was on a right path towards creating a goodplatform here there could be easier and quick service orientationwithin the society. In respect to the expansion of the company, theylooked into the United States market and concentrated less on theforeign markets. Through mergers, partnerships, and acquisitions, thecompany managed to include different decisions that tackled differentspheres of the society as well as created a proper channel to investin the communications and technology platform in the community. Thus,these actions enhanced the creation of a great association where thecompany worked to provide services at subsidized prices as well asincrease the sale of various products to the society.

Transformationof Comcast

Comcastorganization began as a media company which provided internetservice, telephone service, and cable technology to many householdswithin the organization. Over time, the company has been able totransform from one model to another. These transformations that arenoticed by the company are efficient in helping come up with theright model of viewing the different factions within the society. Thecreation of mergers, consolidations and buy offs have helped thecompany to develop a great platform here they can easily control themarket share in the best of ways (Story, 2008). These initiatives areefficient in helping to tackle the creation of a better platformwhere communication is not a problem within the society. The companyhas been able to transform over the years to accommodate the wideningcustomer base. The broad customer base that the corporation enjoyscomes from the different sectors that it handles. These actions makeit easier to have the efficient model of managing the customers aswell as controlling the employees of the organization in the rightchannel towards achieving their objectives within the company.

Thefirst model of transformation that the organization has undergone isthe creation of a new human resources system of managing theiremployees. Previously the organization had different divisions thattook care of their employees in the departmental levels. The sectiongot in creation through the acquisition of the companies and thecreation of new places where they could operate. Through theseactions, the company had various employees as well as a growingmarket whereby they had to keep up with the different activities inthe right way. Therefore, through the creation of these departments,the organization efficiently managed its employees and run theirbusinesses on the right path towards the creation of employmentopportunities to the different sections of the population. Therefore,these actions were instrumental in the creation of a better companythat would appreciate the presence of better ways to handle growthand development in respect to the deliverance of profitable returns.

Comcasttransformed their HR obligation through the creation of a centraldepartment that tackled all the divisions within the organization.This administration handled the generation of value to the differentsegments of the population as well as created value to the community.Therefore, the delivery of services and work among the severalemployees came into enhancement by the action of the company. The newsystem made it possible for the company to monitor their employees,look into their different activities and ensure that they carried outthe right activities. On the other hand, there was an amelioration ofcompensation for the employees through the new systems. This newpolicy was instrumental in increasing the employee confidence in thedifferent actions of the organization as well as improving theirperformance in the organization. Therefore, the transformation wasfundamental in the development of the team.

Apartfrom developing on their human resource department, the companysought to transform their customer experience and ameliorate theservices that they offered to the members of the society. Theconsumer service transformation encouraged the creation of betterways of looking into the development of a good model of tacklingdifferent issues in the organization. Therefore, these actions areinstrumental in the creation of a good customer experience and turnthe appreciation of the company in the right manner (FederalCommunications, 2011). Therefore, the conducting of customerexperience of the company helped to make it easier to reach put todifferent segments.

Thecompany notably created a section that dealt with internetsubscriptions to the people income earning capacities within thesociety low. These people helped develop the business into the rightmodel towards appreciating the customer orientation in the firm.These instances made it easier for the company to tackle growth andenhance the appreciation within the customer markets. Therefore, thedevelopment of the new model that appealed to the fewer incomeearners helped the company show that they have the concern of thecustomers within their strategies and objectives.

Therehas been an enhancement of customer centricity in the organizationthrough different models. Customer centricity, the core of businesstransactions in the modern world, has created a better way of makingComcast appeal to the patrons in a variety of ways. The establishmentof a client service department has created a better way of lookinginto the issues that affect the customers. These customer servicedepartments tackle complaints of the consumers and offer them withsolutions (Vander et al. 2010). Notably, the customer service alsoacts as an informational intelligence system for the organizationssince they get the complaints and better ways of improving theproducts of the company. Therefore, these actions make it easier totackle development in the organization and enactment of benefitacquisition by the customers.

Moreto the point, the customer experience has been transformed by theintroduction of a digital platform for the company. The digitalplatform that has been launched by the organization plays an integralrole in the creation of better avenues for the acquisition ofbenefits ion the organization (Lee, 2014).Through these activities,it is easier for the company to work its way into the markets thatare far from their physical establishments (Federal Communications,2011). Therefore, with the generation of better ways to look into thecreation of a digital platform and better billing systems, theorganization has managed to create a better way of handling thedevelopment of the different sectors in respect to a good system thatappreciates customer experience.

Thedigital platforms have enhanced the interaction between the patronsand the organization. Through the platforms, the touch points of thebody have been positively improved to make the company have anexcellent reputation within the consumer segments. These instancesmake it easier to handle the generation of revenue acquisition aswell as expansion into other markets within the society. Therefore,these actions are essential for the company as it enhances growth andprofitability of the company.

Comcasthas several employees that interact with the customers at differentpoints to make it easier to tackle the growth of the enterprise (Lee,2014). Through this exposure that the employees have to the customersegments, they hold a great importance in making the company have agood repute. Therefore, Comcast has launched various initiatives inthe recent past to train their employees in ways which would be usedto ameliorate the customer experience with the organization. Thegeneration of these instructional methods has enhanced the creationof value within the society and a good reputation within the consumersegments. The instances are therefore crucial in addressing the needof better avenues to tackle development of the organization as wellas the generation of advantages to the company.

Digitizationof the company has been instrumental in the creation of a betterplatform that can tackle development as well as the creation ofbetter avenues of acquiring benefits for the company. Through theseactivities, the company has widened their availability to theconsumers. Comcast has established a digital way for their customersto get to shop in their stores and access help from the differentstores. The client transformation that the organization has undergonehas contributed to making it a great and interactive company thatcreates value within the consumer segments as well as enhance thevalue acquisition for the company.

Comcast,a company that also considers segmentation as a good way oftransacting business, has been on the forefront of segmenting themarket in different models to ensure that they run the activities asrequired. The segmentation of the organization has created a good wayof reaching out to the even wider population. In the recent past, theorganization has been in the limelight for expansion into thelow-income areas. The internet provision department enacted variousstrategies that help the company to appeal to the poor in the societyas well as create better value generation strategies for theorganization (Story, 2008). These actions are in respect to thecreation of a sustainable practice within the population. Theseactivities enhance the development of a company which is centered onthe concerns of the customers and brings them to the forefront beforemaking any initiatives. Thus, with these models, it has been easierfor Comcast to appeal to a significant segment of the population onissues concerning the low-income earning population.

Productdelivery is a central factor for the productivity and profitabilityof an organization. Over the years, technological changes haveaccompanied the development of better ways to tackle growth and evenbetter models that could be used to show the concern of the companytowards the different populations. In respect to the development ofbetter ways to tackle the creation of value within the community, theorganization has been instrumental in creating better ways to channeltheir products to the different segments of the population. Thesesections of the population are instrumental in the development ofeven better options within the society (Wax, 2007). These activitiesenhance the generation of value within the community as well as thecreation of a proper positioning in the society.

Thereare different subscription channels for the market that tacklediverse groups of people in the community. Through these channels inthe society, there are greater objectives that the company has set.Therefore, their products get into division according to the segmentsthat are handled. For instance, there are various movie channels forthe company as well as the sports channels that control thepopulations as per sports. These are instructional ways of appealingto the different preferences of the consumers as well as setting themon the right path towards the acquisition of value within the society(Vander et al. 2010). Therefore, these actions make it easier todevelop a profit generating model for the company. On the other hand,the company has different subscription levels for the customers. Someclients subscribe to the channels at lower prices and have specificprograms that they can watch as well as those who go to the premiumvalue chains. Therefore, these activities enhance the creation of asystem within the society to ameliorate the value of the company.There is an examination of different segments, and the making ofproducts is in accordance to the reach of the segments. Therefore,the customers of the organization have the obvious advantage ofhandling different issues within their scope. More to the point, thecompany carries out initiatives to help upgrade their services toenhance their popularity within the different populations. On theother hand, the acquisitions that the firm makes are in the rightmodel to improve their outreach within the society. This is in anattempt to ensure that the products cover a wider section of themarket.

Onthe other hand, the organization also works to the creation ofdifferent products that are particular among a distinct segment ofthe population alone. The product orientation makes it easier for thecompany to appeal to these segments. As an organization withdifferent products to produce and present to the different markets,Comcast has come up with cheap internet services that appeal to thepoor population of the society (Wax, 2007). Through the creation ofthis product the company appeals to the low income earning populationin a sustainable manner. Nonetheless, the creation of value for thebusiness comes in when they carry out such activities which make itimportant to handle the different segments. Therefore through productorientation, the company has been able to develop the right frameworktowards the creation of value for the enterprise.


Comcasthas evolved into a distinct company that appreciates differentsegments within the society. The company has grown to the level ofacknowledging technological growth as well as diversity in theworkplace and the customer segments. Through the actions that theorganization implements, it has been easier to determine the bestway of enacting value creation in the company as required by thecustomer (Story, 2008). On the other hand, the company hasimplemented different strategies to help with the consumer experiencemanagement. The centricity of customers makes the organization havethe best model of looking into the different strategies that areimportant for it in the expansion. Creation of product orientationhas enhanced the company expansion the organization has transformedto appreciating the diverse segments of the society by the creationof commodities for various groups in the society. Through thesesegments, the organization has been able to achieve better goals.Comcast trains its employees in ways that are instructional in thehandling of employees. Through the right way of handling employees,the organization managed to tackle the creation of opportunities aswell as the generation of value for the customers of theorganization. Therefore, the company works in the right angle towardstransforming for the benefit of the customers and its successfulcourse.

Inconclusion, Comcast has a great way of carrying out its business. Themanner of the company business action has facilitated the creation ofvalue as well as enhancement of different segments within thepopulation. These activities have been instructional in creating abetter corporation as well as an excellent model for the acquisitionof customer markets. Comcast has therefore through its organizationaldesign and culture, achieved the best way of handling employees andclients towards creating a productive environment.


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