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Commitment Outline



  1. Definition of Commitment

  1. Devotion to an activity

  2. A liability or obligation

  3. Allegiance or loyalty

  1. Willingness to dedicate time and energy

  1. Emotional and intellectual commitment

  2. Voting, social change, and inequality

  3. Individual commitment like marriage or relationship

  1. Thesis statement: This essay discusses the need for people to commit their time and energy to ensuring social change in the society and why they should stay focused on ensuring that they fight against inequality, exclusion, and poverty among other challenges.

  1. Capitalism mindset

  1. Individualistic Concerns

  1. Selfish and individualistic people

  2. Every man for themselves

  1. Togetherness

  1. Unity

  2. Common goals

  3. Equality

  1. Dedicating One’s Self To The Process

  1. Committing to a course

  1. Joining an activity

  2. Participating in activism

  1. Social Change

  1. Benefiting the community

  1. Looking Past Personal Interests

  1. Community development

  1. Interaction with others

  2. Group association

  1. Encouraging Diversity

  1. Welcoming different perspectives

  2. Creation of stronger, larger groups

  1. Conclusion

  1. Thesis restatement

  2. Commitment is a virtue

  3. Success and excellence

  4. Community solidarity


Irrespectiveof what or who one is dealing with, commitment makes a huge part ofeveryone’s life. Commitment is chiefly the situation of beingdedicated to a cause or being devoted to an activity. Additionally,can also be defined as a liability or an obligation that restrictsone from the freedom of doing certain actions. Making a commitmentinvolves showing allegiance and loyalty to a person or a cause.Commitment can also be described as the willingness to give one`stime and energy to accomplishing a given course of to someone.Therefore, it is significant to consider carefully before making apledge as commitments often bound individuals emotionally andintellectually to what they choose to dedicate their lives. One candecide to commit to an action, for example being devoted to voting orchampion social change or an individual for instance being dedicatedto marriage. This essay discusses the need for people to commit theirtime and energy to ensuring social change in the society and why theyshould stay focused on ensuring that they fight against inequality,exclusion, and poverty among other challenges.


Today`sworld has been dominated extensively be capitalism that seems tofavor a small fraction of the society. Capitalism is a system thatover and over again generates a lot of crises with absolute disregardof human life. To the capitalists, the more they have and oppressothers the more they flourish in their sense. The crisis created bycapitalism has led to a system of individualism and the longer thecapitalist concept thrives, the more selfish and individualisticpeople become. Commitment is chiefly needed these days to fight thisform of thought for if the society is to flourish, then everyone mustcombat the notion created by capitalist of every man for themselves(Alland and Sonia 39). Capitalism has created a huge gap ininequality that it now possesses a threat to the existence of others.Moreover, every individual should perceive it his/her responsibilityto care about their society. Thus, they must willingly take theirtime and dedicate their energy to ensuring that they fight for socialchange and reduce the inequality created by the capitalist.

Stayingcommitted means giving a piece of one’s self in the process. Thedominance of everyone in their discourse makes this challenging andnot as obvious as it sounds. According to Alland and Sonia, it oftenbecomes difficult for one to explain why they are committed to acourse because commitment is something that must be experienced andnot described (91). For those who do not understand why others wouldbe committed to a course, it would be prudent for them to be involvedin the fight or procedure to see the whole picture firsthand. Thecommitment to fight for social change should be a mandate foreveryone for its outcome affects everybody.

Thosewho choose to be committed must understand that selecting to bedevoted to something extends beyond their interest to it. Beingcommitted to collective change means being in constant contact withothers, which calls for looking beyond one’s self and having realrelationships with other people. This kind of association is aconstructive one and remains critical to the course (Alland and Sonia140). These relationships often lead to the creation of larger groupsof people, who together get the opportunity to define the reality onthe ground from different perspectives that without being committedwould be nonexistent.


Peopleshould try their best to be committed to a course. If change is to beexperienced in people’s lives, then it is vital for everyone tostay and be faithful to the modification. Everything that is donewith commitment always leads to success, and it is constantly donewith some level of excellence. Staying committed gives people achance to move mountains and helps create an unbreakable bond amongthose involved. Everybody should strive to ensure that they arecommitted and in solidarity with people around the world, who engagethemselves in similar courses.


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