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Community and Social Change


Communityand Social Change


Blacklives matter movement is a group that campaigns against theextrajudicial killings of the blacks by those in authority and thevigilantes (Org,2015).The movement drives past the constricted patriotism that ispredominant within black people, which simply motivates blacksocieties to love, live and buy black. The black lives movement hasbeen an influence of the change in the society.

Effectiveimpacts of the black lives matter movement in the society

Thismovement builds and strengthens the sense of belonging among themembers. This impact is important for social life interactions. Itfights for equal rights among the black citizens of the country sincethey feel that they are being exploited leading to the inhumankillings. The black lives matter movement is an agent of change inthe society with the aim of making it better. The demonstrations onequal rights and to stop black killings are a way of ensuring peacein the community and create peaceful coexistence among the whites andthe blacks. In a country where peace exists there are great chancesof developments nationally and individually.

Demonstrationsheld by the black lives movements is a great influence on the policymakers since it`s a good source of information that may be hiddenfrom the eyes of the public. This information may be used in decisionmaking by the leaders in the country. In the development of acountry, there is need of building social linkages and resourcesthis may act as an excellent way to source out funds, professionalknowledge and administrative influence from other societies. Theblack lives movement’s efforts to ensure equal treatments may be agreat way of building these links since other countries may fail topartner with countries that practice racism.


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