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Company Strategy for Brooks Brothers

CompanyStrategy for Brooks Brothers

CompanyStrategy for Brooks Brothers

BrooksBrothers, being a company with a good customer base and a richhistory that range from economic and managerial turmoil to successfulexecution of expansion plans and a stable and upward growth in recenttimes stands a better future (Lee, Ha, Han, Rha &amp Kwon, 2015). Inthis regard, sales and goodwill can be boosted with well laid andexecuted marketing plan which is intended to either tap into newerniches or reaffirm its market share through an established and strongcustomer outreach. In an attempt to present a useful strategy that isdependable upon by the company in its marketing endeavors, this papersets a firm foundation for the same while laying emphasis on thetechniques applicable for online customers. The management the usersof the work, will be in a position to borrow and employ the beststrategies as they also make appropriate considerations, which may befound relevant given the prevailing circumstances. Business studentsmay also find the outcomes of this work necessary in their studies asthey are bound to gather the requisite knowledge that they shallapply in their academic accomplishments. The primary target audienceis the online clientele, with the sole aim of fostering a close andloyal relationship that will present a platform for product advocacyfor prospective buyers. Certainly, the blending of business goals canindeed act as the engine that propels the company ideals, includingthe desire to enhance sales through publicity.

Overtime, the technological advances have enabled an interactive scenariothat allows businesses to engage with their customers over variousissues. In this dictum, Brooks Brothers Company has had to make areal decision and a consistent action geared towards the achievementof its intended market leadership. As so, it has to build on itsexisting reputation as an emerging leader in the provision ofclothing, and subsequently create a brand that shall be identifiablewith the company even beyond the traditional borders of the UnitedStates of America. Comparatively, a high brand remains a strong edgepast the competitors, as the customers will have to not only rememberthe availed products but also tend to own or personalize thecompany’s products (Lee, Ha, Han, Rha &amp Kwon, 2015). To achievesuch a feat, a deliberate and well thought out process is undertaken.The company, having identified its target as the online customers,and considered the diverseness in both distance and consumerpreferences that it may be visible to, embarks on a mission to assurethe said market segment of continued presence. Through such a move,the customers will with time, begin to memorize, visualize andconsequently identify with the company products. The resulting effectis that of a brand that, the probable buyers hold in high esteembrand loyalty.

Asustainable building of an online brand that ends up to brand loyaltyfor the online users or clients depends on a significant amount ofthe consideration of the people concerned, objectives of the company,executable strategy meant to be rolled for the same purpose and thetechnological development available at certain localities (POSTmethod). Indeed, the company seeking to expand and reach a new levelof the market will not succeed unless it understands the peopletargeted. That is when their needs will be captured in a manner thatis satisfactorily real to them, hence, the attempt to offer themitems that meet their needs. (Lee, Ha, Han, Rha &amp Kwon, 2015).

Mappingthe customer segmentation provides an easier way to predict socialmedia usage hence the company may timely engage the online users whenit is most appropriate. The second step is for the enterprise todetermine their objective, capturing clearly what they intend toachieve before they can launch an online marketing move. In thisregard, Brook Brothers, whose main aim is to develop a plan for usingonline communities that are tied to business goals, must embark on aneffort to listen, talk with and energize the customers on the productvarieties. Thirdly, the company will have to determine and cater forthe expected changes that will come as a result of client engagementsin advance. The company had better integrate the current marketingtools with the social media and other online moves to achieve itstarget.

Aftera successful determination of the above steps, the management thendetermines which technology to employ based on the considerationsthat are bound to complement the other factors that are in place.Successively, the management must put in place reliable mechanisms ormethods that will aid in the measurement and evaluation. As has beenexplicated herewith, the process calls for a close workingrelationship between the company owners or managers and the customers(Lee, Ha, Han, Rha &amp Kwon, 2015). Given this fact, it is tenablethat the expected buyers also incur costs in the process of gettingto access the company profiles online. It is, therefore, incumbentupon the business to define a way of compensating the clientele oftime, money and peer influence undertakings. As such, the managementought to come up with measurement tools and means to aid in thechecking and monitoring the marketing strategy effectiveness and takeactions towards possible evaluations.

Inconclusion, it stands undisputable that Brooks Brothers can roll outa successful online marketing plan and equally execute it in afashion that will guarantee absolute attainment upon integrating thecompany’s objectives with the market expectations. Therefore, allparticipants in the kind of a campaign approach such as the oneproposed herein are required to exercise some degree of flexibilityas the feedback from the buyers form an integral part of the task.Also, frequent evaluations are necessary at various stages so as togive a reflection of the direction taken given the goals set.Marketers, managers, and students have consequently availed animplementable roadmap towards the realization of their desired ends.


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