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Comparative Essay on Evolution and Creationism

ComparativeEssay on Evolution and Creationism

ComparativeEssay on Evolution and Creationism

Mostpeople have attempted to explain the origin of the universe. Humanbeings have sought answers to origins in order to understand theirplace in the universe. As humanity seeks answers to the question ofevolution, no single theory has been credited for an accurateaccount. Among the major theories, evolution and creationism haveplayed a very large part in explaining origins of the universe. Thisessay will give an account of the creationism and evolution toevaluate on the most comprehensive and convincing theory.


Accordingto the evolutionism, life developed from primitive forms in theuniverse that evolved to more complex forms that exist currently. ToDarwin, evolution is naturalistic and has developed withmodifications(“Darwin`s Theory of Evolution,” n.d.).More complex forms evolved from simpler forms that existed in thepast. The process of natural selection will tend to support welladapted creatures that have the functional features that supportgreater survival rates. The big bang theory supports the evolutiontheory. As such the universe was first formless, hot and dense thatit expanded over time. Accordingly, clouds came from gasses andcollapsed into a form that is discerned as other planets while starsalso emerged and died.The planet earth, otherwise called terra, isamong the many plants that formed at the time and circles the star.With passing of time, the conditions on the planet earth becamefavorable and started supporting oceans that further became complexwith time and after millions of years developed land and other forms.The theory of natural selection advanced by Charles Darwin adds thatfavorable mutations took place to support further growth anddevelopment of new species.


Mostreligions give different account of the existence of the earth andits inhabitants. Generally, most communities agree that the universewas made into form by God, gods and goddesses who had supernaturalpowers (BritishBroadcasting Corporation (BBC, n.d.). From the Christian and Muslims perspective, God commanded the earthand everything in it to be the way it is. The biblical account ofcreation in the book of Exodus claims that God commanded the earth totake various form and placed everything in its place. Creationism canbe seen as one creative event and the organisms created by Godproduce new forms only under the command of God(BBC, n.d.).The modern perception of the story of creation employs scientificknowledge to support this claim. However scientist hold thatcreationism is false. To the neo-creationist, the state of the earthtoday is the work of an intelligent God since living and non-livingthings have complex variations that science cannot account for. Thecreationism theory builds on the failures of other accounts toaccount for creation.

Thecreationism theory is widely accepted as the mainstream account ofcreation all over the world and thrives on the fact that science toodoes not provide credible evidence to support origin of the universeand its inhabitants (BBC,n.d.).Also, there are many different accounts about variation in forms andevolution in generally meaning that research in this area is notconsistent. This means that it is more reliable. On the other hand,scientists will refute this claim and cite variation in forms,inheritance and extinction as evidence of evolution making it morecredible (“Darwin`sTheory of Evolution,” n.d.).The scientific account is more valid basing on the well foundedfacts.


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