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Compare and Contrast Costco and Sam`s Club

Compareand Contrast: Costcoand Sam’s Club

Compareand Contrast: Costcoand Sam’s Club

Inthe procurement of products, there are various options consumers arefaced with in choosing the best retailers. Factors to consider aremostly based on cost effectiveness, convenience, comfort, andbenefits related with different stores. This paper purports tocompare and contrast Costco and Sam’s Club for customers looking atpricing, comfort, products, and consumer service.

Comparinglocations, Costco appears to be better placed than Sam’s Club interms of location. It has more numbers of store outlets and moredistributions within the United States and other regions. As of 2015,Costco had a total of 671 outlets. Of these outlets, 474 are spreadin different locations within the United States, while 200 aresituated abroad. California has about a quarter of them (Miller,2016). On the other hand, Sam’s Club commands a lesser number oftotal outlets standing at 647 clubs. As of 2015, Sam’s Club had atotal of 226 stores in the United States and the rest in Puerto Rico(Sadler, 2016). Looking at the difference in number of outlets eachstore commands and their distribution within the United States andother regions, Costco is stronger. It offers consumers more optionsand accessibility to its products and services in more regions thanSam’s Club.

Comparingthe products availability between the two stores, it is safe to saythey match each other. This is to mean that any product or serviceoffered at Sam’s Club stores will also be found at Costco club. Theproducts prices are also more the same between the two stores. Thelayouts of the Isles at which the products are arranged are alsopretty much the same at the two stores (Sadler, 2016). They giveshoppers the feeling of being inside a very large open hall. However,a difference is felt in Costco, which has wider isles making it lesscrowded as compared to Sam’s Club. The additional space also makesit appear much cleaner, and provides more ample shopping experiencethan in Sam’s Club.

Thevery distinctively noticeable difference between Costco and Sam’sClub is in the customer service experience. The people at Costcoappear to be happier to work and serve at the store. Their sociablenature makes them more approachable. Right from the card checker whostands at the entrance, the various helpers placed within the isle,and the checkout cashier, all the employees show a sense of belongingand willingness to help. As such, this makes someone feel morerelaxed and comfortable shopping at Costco. Anyone feels at ease torequest for assistance. This is not the case at Sam’s Club wherethere are fewer helpers, who always seem to be in a hurry to servethe flocked numbers of consumers (Miller, 2016). Even the after salesservice at Costco is better. They offer boxing for products and whenneed be, they provide cheap delivery services. On the other hand,Sam’s Club uses temporary packaging methods and have expensivedelivery services.

Inconclusion, in considering cheaper prices, better customer service,comfort in shopping, products offered, cleanliness, and the feelingof belonging, Costco is better for the consumer compared to Sam’sClub. These are some of the vital aspects consumers need to considerbefore choosing the most preferred store for them. This comparativecase is equally vital for the businesses as it gives insights intoconsumer preferences and enables them create strategies that canenhance their competitiveness in the market. The more consumersattracted to a specific store, the more sales and revenue a businessgains.


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