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Compared and Contrasted Healthcare Apps

Comparedand Contrasted Healthcare Apps

Comparedand Contrasted Healthcare Apps

Overtime, the need to effectively offer and gain from reliable clinicaland associated disciplines has also seen the proliferation ofhealthcare apps, leading to the desire to put in place regulatory orcertification mechanisms as the consumers of the same were inapprehension of the quality of the medical software applications(Alkhabbazet al., 2015). In this edict, the necessity to conduct a comparativeanalysis to suggest possible similarities or otherwise of theapplicability of two different healthcare apps also acts as a guidetowards the establishment of their relevance. As so, this paper bidsan interrogation in relation to RevUp by MD Revolution and the DoctorOn Demand healthcare software uses. As a result, the prospectiveusers, that is, the patients and doctors or caregivers, of the of thesoftware will be in a position to make informed decisions of the mostappropriate apps to engage in consideration of the diverse factors asavailability of doctors, economic capabilities, and health covers.Indeed, it is out of the ability and consequent investigations onhealthcare apps that a consumer is bound to ascertain a morecompetitive and convenient healthcare app to use.

Tobegin with, RevUp by MD Revolution healthcare software is anintegration of an app and a website where one can connect health andwellness experts who help them track applicable health data therebyproviding him or her with guidance and sanctions of what is supposedto done as they carry along. Beneficiaries are enrolled uponreceiving a unique link from their doctors or healthcare experts, asit is a service that is joined only by individuals invited by adoctor, a healthcare network or an organization wellness program thatis already part of theRevUpMD Revolution system. Once one is in the system, he or she may beassigned other professionals and trainers who can give more attentionthat is personal and preventive care than when left with a lonedoctor. The scenario herewith contrasts with theDoctorOn Demand healthcare app where interactions are possible throughvideo links upon which the doctor either writes a prescription orgets the user’s questions answered. Furthermore, Doctor On Demandhealthcare apps allow certified physicians are capable of givingmedical attention in case of emergencies, besides their ability torefill prescriptions. Note that the health team members in theRevUpby MD Revolution healthcare comprise fitness experts, nutritionists,and nurses. The data one inputs into his or her account like addedweight and blood pressure numbers are observed by the coaches fordeserving guidance. Also noteworthy is the fact that prices of RevUpby MD Revolution healthcare software are set by doctors depending onprevailing circumstances. That is different from the Doctor On Demandhealthcare software which has its consultation fee fixed at$40for a 25-minute period and $70 for 50-minute session , and that theapp can be downloaded free of charge and used for a patient`sperception(Morrow,Nguyen, Shultz, Murphy &amp Mignano, 2012).

Inconclusion, the contrasts as seen in the two healthcare appsnotwithstanding, the similarity is obvious in its entirety that theyprovide a mechanism within which both patients and medicalpractitioners interact and engage thereby giving a quicker andreliable solution to emerging health related issues. Also, eventhough costs are involved, the attempt to guide in the prescription,the emergency interventions and the tracking and analysis of variousdata of the app users play an integral role in giving better resultsand affordable costs, hence the competitive healthcare to patients.In telemedicine, the users are guaranteed of increasing preventativecare as lowered costs work to reduce lead-time to access medicalpractice when unnecessary trips are eliminated.


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