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Comparisonof the Maze Runner with what happens in the World

TheMaze Runneris a novel that was published in 2009 and written by an Americanauthor James Dashner. The book is of an apocalyptic andpost-apocalyptic genre, and gives accounts of a male teenager namedThomas and his friends who were trapped in a large grassy areareferred to as the “Glade.” Due to the situation that the boysfind themselves in, they each assume various roles with Alby (one ofthe boys trapped in the maze) taking the role of a leader. Thehappenings in MazeRunnerclearly compares with the happenings of the current world in someways.

First,the book shows how friendship is an important thing in differentsituations and how such can help when it comes to times of trouble.The boys and the girl in the Glade were total strangers who knewnothing about themselves, or of the place they found themselves.They, however, recognize that they cannot survive in the Gladewithout knowing and interacting with each other (Bookrags, 2015).This is also true with what happens in the world. Friendship hasalways proved to be a better way of solving challenges in the currentworld. One of the kids says, “just slim yourself nice and calm”as shared by Dashner (2011) in chapter one, which was a friendly wayof calming Thomas who seemed confused. It was also an assurance thatalthough they all did not know where they were and how, or why theywere in such a place, he should be comfortable because the friendswere around him and that they would be together. Also, theline,&nbsp“Looking to Minho, he nodded, then turned. Both boys ranin at the Griever and jumped feet-first at the creature, kicking outat the last second with every waning bit of strength. They bothconnected, sending the last monster plummeting to its death,” fromchapter twenty one of the book by Dashner (2011) shows that the jointenergy of friends can help solve a challenging issue just as seen inte world today.

Second,the book compares with the world in the fact that in both the Gladeand the world, persistence is a necessity when trying to solve aproblem. In the current world, one need to be persistent to succeedin various aspects or find solutions to some challenges (Fields,2016). This is also true in the MazeRunnerwhere the boys showed their persistence in trying to locate the exitfrom the maze.

Third,the book indicates how pain usually characterizes change. Change isdepicted in numerous chapters of the book. The boys experience painwhen they change their environment from where they originally were totheir current location in the Glade. Thomas is seen to be suffering alot when he finds himself in the Glade. As seen in the line, “Hegroaned in frustration his echo amplified through the air, like thehaunted moan of death,” Dashner (2011) describes the pain thatThomas undergoes when he finds himself in the Glade. Pain is alsoexperienced in the current world when people undergo some form ofchange or transition from one state to another (Fields, 2016). Thomasalso experiences pain when he goes through some changes after beingstung by the Griever. He, however, had to do that to find a solutionon the maze’s exit (Fandago, 2014). The same is also evident in thecurrent world where people such as soldiers have to undergo pain whenthey change their environment and state to go and defend their nationor find a solution to some situations such as violence and terror.

Fourth,both the life in the MazeRunnerand the world call for audaciousness. The conditions in the world andthe maze are unpredictable and hold events that are impulsive. Inboth settings, there is a necessity for one to be brave to forge tothe future. The moment Thomas arrived in the Glade, he never knewwhat laid ahead as is evident from chapter one of book one where heasks,“Wheream I?”“Whosent me here?” (Dashner, 2011). He, however, had the courage andbrevity to want to find the way out of the maze (Bogart, 2015). Theonly way out of the maze was through the Grievers’ hole, and Thomaswas ready to take that chance, thoughtless of the danger that laid inthe hole, to achieve his freedom and that of his colleagues. Justlike in the MazeRunner,the world is very unpredictable and calls for one’s brevity toforge on.

Tosummarize, the different events and themes in the Maze Runner arecomparable to various experiences in the world. The setting of thebook is also in some way related to the world. The world, like thelife in the Maze Runner, calls for brevity, persistence, andfriendship. Some circumstances such as pain, which are experienced inthe Maze Runner reflect what happens in the world.


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