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Computer Recommendation



Today,laptops are the best computers for carrying out serious work or forplaying at homes since they are simple enough to carry around andresourceful enough to run heavy applications. For individuals whorequire more versatile computers, desktops pose as the best optionsbecause of the high-tech features and applications they can run.However, choosing the right laptop or desktop that will suit one’sneeds is normally challenging because of the many types fromdifferent manufacturers in the market. In selecting the right laptop,various features need to be given the priority like the HDD size,RAM, Intel processor, support for DVD-RW optical drive, and wirelessnetwork link. A desktop or a laptop that has an Intel iCoreprocessor, a minimum of one terabyte hard drive and 8GB minimummemory is ideal for purchase since it can run most of theapplications.


TheHP – OMEN fifteen inch, Intel Core i7, 1TB hard drive laptop is oneof the options that one can go for because it offers the fastestresponse time and has enough space for essential applications. Withthe Core i7 processors, the laptop can run various applicationssimultaneously and provide room for one to store additional video andmusic files among other important collections. Even though the screensize is only 15.6, the laptop has the best graphics that makes itcrystal clear in addition to helping to conserve the battery. Thelaptop also has an optical DVD-RW drive, Ethernet capability and awireless network link ability, which makes it the preferred choice.With a budget of $1500, buying the $999.99 HP – OMEN laptop willleave one with around five hundred dollars that are enough to buy theadditional applications needed by to carry out the essentialoperations (BestBuy, 2016). The additional softwares required includean operating system, an office suite, a backup option, a securitysoftware, and an accounting software package.

OperatingSystem: Luckily, the purchase of the laptop comes with alreadyinstalled Microsoft Windows 10, even though most individuals arestill not comfortable with this latest version. In that case, one canpurchase Microsoft Windows 8 full version via Amazon that costs$164.98 with free shipping cost.


Officesuite: If one is not satisfied with the preinstalled office suitethat comes along with the operating system, he or she can purchasethe Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 that costs $119.00.

Accountingsoftware package: the best accounting software that can offer most ofthe functionalities needed is QuickBooks Pro Small Business 2015 oldversion that costs $119.45, even though a newer version may beobtained at a higher cost of $179.99.

SecuritySoftware: To secure the laptop from malicious intruders in the formof viruses and Trojans among others, the installation of a Kasperskywill offer the best protection, which costs around fourteen dollars.

Backup:For backup option, cloud poses as the best option since if offersunlimited storage for files thus signing up for Amazon cloud storagethat costs $59.99 per year after a three-month trial period willserve the purpose. The total costs of all the softwares that willneed to be purchased will be around $477.77, which is within thebudget for the entire purpose.


Theother option that one can purchase is of Dell manufacturing company,Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK that boasts of a massive Intel Core i7processor. With the processor and an 8GB RAM, the laptop can be usedto run various application and process simultaneously. The laptopuses a graphics processor of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5 and agraphics card RAM size of about 4 that helps to makes one’s gamingexperience the best given the Intel Core i7 and the 8GB RAM.Additionally, the laptop meets the minimum requirement of oneterabyte hard drive that is enough for the storage of academic filesin addition to other video and music applications. The drives aresolid states, hence same as flash-based memory found in USBs. Thus,it is more secure because it has no moving parts that are prone tofailure. The other additional features supported by the Dell Inspironi7559-2512BLK laptop includes an Ethernet, wireless networkcapability and an optical DVD-RW drive, 15.6 inches screen size and ascreen resolution of 1920×1080 (Amazon, 2016). The laptop sales forabout eight hundred and forty-eight dollars, which fits the budget.The softwares that will have to be purchased to those recommended forthe HP – OMEN, thus they will cost around $477.77 leaving a fewdollars for other miscellaneous expenses.


ToshibaS55C5247 Satellite 15.6&quot Laptop is the other option that fitsthe budget as it contains all the required features with the exampleof Intel Core i7 processor that makes it ideal for running severalapplications at the same time. Selling at $899.99, the PC has a harddrive capacity of one terabyte that is enough to install games, saveacademic files and even save a few video and music files.Additionally, the wireless networking supported is Wireless-AC whilethe Ethernet is 10/100/1000 Ethernet, thus poses as the optimallaptop for surfing the internet. The system memory for the laptop(RAM) is 8GB of DDR3L type with a speed of 1600 megahertz, whichmakes it fast considering that it, also supports fourth Gen Intel&ampCore and i7-4720HQ processor. This processor offers a massivequad-core, eight-way processing performance in addition to an Intelturbo that facilitates more power to process things, thus leading toan increase in energy efficiency (eBay, 2016). The other featuressupported by the PC include Mobile Intel and HD Graphics 4600 and15.6&quot TFT display among others. It comes with Windows 10 OS,thus cutting the budget, even though one can still purchase a canpurchase Microsoft Windows 8 full version via Amazon that costs$164.98 with free delivery. The other softwares are similar to thoseelaborated in case one that adds up to a total of $477.77.


Thefinal option is a laptop of Lenovo manufacturers, Lenovo Y700 15.6&quotFHD Gaming Laptop that sells at $995.00, which matched the budget forthe purchase. For communication purposes, the PC supports LAN10/100/1000Mbps, WLAN 802.11ac Wireless LAN, and a 4.0 Bluetooth. Thememory of the laptop is very exceptional as it enjoys 8GB RAM, twomemory slots and a memory speed of DDR4 2133, which makes it best formultitasking. The other features of the laptop include a screen sizeof 15.6&quot, resolution of 1920 x 1080, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960Mgraphics, one terabyte hard drive, CPU type of Intel Core i7 and aCPU speed of 6700HQ (2.60 GHz) with a quad-core processor (eBay,2016). The laptop also has an optical DVD-RW drive and comes with aWindows 10, even though one can still purchase a can purchaseMicrosoft Windows 8 full version via Amazon that costs $164.98 withfree shipping cost. The other softwares are similar to thoseelaborated in case one that adds up to a total of $477.77.

Advantagedand Disadvantages of the Laptops

TheHP – OMEN is a great machine as it has a battery life of about tenhours and can take up to five hours before it shuts down when playingan intensive game. Moreover, the PC offers a great gaming experiencedue to its strong overall performance, but its shifted keyboard leadsto awkward typing in addition to increased heating at the bottom.Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK has great advantages as compared toothers like excellent battery performance with up to ten hoursbattery life and a great Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK graphics. It hasa firm chassis and is very quiet with excellent thermals, but thekeyboard is not well designed in addition to the inaudibility of thespeakers. Toshiba S55C5247 Satellite has various advantages as itmobile Intel HD graphics 4600 in addition to a high processor speedof Mobile Intel HD Graphics 4600. However, the battery life of the PCis its main undoing as it can only keep power for five hours. TheLenovo Y700 is also a great PC as it has a strong performance, anattractive price, a beautiful chassis, and loudspeakers but isbattery life is also its main undoing.

Inconclusion, the best laptop to purchase is the Dell Inspironi7559-2512BLK because it has a long battery life of around ten hours.Additionally, the laptop offers great experience due to the NVIDIAGeForce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5 graphics and its high processing power.Therefore, the best purchase will be the Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLKbecause its performance experience is way above the eight hundred andforty-eight-dollar price tag.


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