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Consumerism on Technology

Consumerismon Technology

Consumerismis a term that has undergone various changes in its meaning.Consumerism refers to an economic and social order that encouragesconsumption of goods and services in huge quantities (Hines andJaylon 3). It also refers to a cultural model that promotes thebuying of goods for economic stimulation and personal satisfaction.In some instances, capitalism and consumerism are confused, althoughthe two are economic systems. Consumerism is often linked withcriticism of consumption starting with theorist Thorstein Veblen. The United States is a good example of a hyper-consumerist society.In other words, consumerism is the heart of the American culture. Themost common form of consumerism in the United States is theacquisition of the latest technology. In America, there is a closerelationship between technology and consumerism. Every person in theUnited States wants to be up-to-date with the modern technology, atrend that goes hand in hand with consumerism. In other words, peopleare questioning how new or how updated is their technology (Hines andJaylon 6). Notably, the latest technology can turn out to be a curseor a blessing. In, reality, most Americans spend more of their incomeon buying the latest devices than in their basic needs. However,consumerism on technology has positive benefits in an economy whichinclude the transformation of a workforce, direct creation of jobs,enhancement of consumer bahaviors among others.

HowTechnology has helped the American Economy

Consumerismon technology is something that is common in America. A country thathas a high-level of technology is likely to benefit a lot.Particularly, technology is directly associated with a country’schange in the market share, employment, wealth, the standard ofliving, and international trade. Additionally, due consumerism intechnology, the American economy experiences numerous benefits.First, there is a direct job creation. In the American economy, theICT sectors remains to be one of the biggest employer. For instance, information technology jobs are anticipated to increase at a rate ofthe 22 percent by 2020 (Sommers, Dixie, and James 3). By estimation,the sector will have created over 700,000 jobs. In the United States,jobs in the high-tech industry create five extra jobs.

Additionally,a growth in technology contributed to growth in the United StatesGross Domestic Product. Various studies indicates that ICT isdirectly related to the growth of a nation. For instance, a 10percent increase in broadband diffusion is linked to 1.4 percentincrease in the Gross Domestic Product growing in the upcomingmarkets. In the United States, the replication of mobile data usageled to an increase in the GPD capita growth by 0.5 percent (Lorek,Sylvia, and Joachim 33). In most cases, the effect in the GDP isexperienced through effect influenced by e-commerce: people sellingand advertising their products online.

Anotherpositive effect of having an economy with high technologicalinnovations is the emergence of new industries and services. In theUnited States, several public services are now available online andpeople can access the public services through their Smartphone. Cloudcomputing is a crucial transition that has led the world tomodernization. For instance, the United States government has shiftedits government Information Technology infrastructure into cloudcomputing, a strategy that has enabled the citizens to access publicservices online without moving into the offices. Further, a nationwith a high level of technology increases the chances of emergence ofnew industries such as the application industry. For instance, in2011, Facebook created approximately 180,000 job openings and thevalue of Facebook today is over 12 billion dollars (Lorek, Sylvia,and Joachim 36).

Consumerismon technology has also benefited the American community throughworkforce transformation. The recent micro work podiums created byorganizations such as Samsource, oDesk and Amazon have played anintegral role in helping companies divide tasks into small elementsthat can be later contracted to other workers. In most instances, thecontractors are from developing economies. Besides helping thedeveloping nations, the micro work platforms help entrepreneurs cutdown costs and get qualified staffs. To illustrate, in 2012, oDeskregistered more that 3 million contractors to perform over 1.5million tasks. The effect was felt in other industries like onlinepayment systems. Embracing of technology in the America hascontributed to a rise in the entrepreneurial skills, which has madeit easier for young business people to access best practices,regulatory information, and investment resources.

TheAmerican consumerism on technology has positive impacts on themarketing and enhancing consumer behavior. Since many people in theUnited States are technologically enlightened, they can use it to buygoods and services. People are able to buy goods and services onlinewithout necessarily moving from their location to the stores. Thereare numerous tools that American use and have significantlyinfluenced their consumer behaviors.

Inaddition, consumerism on technology plays a significant role inimproving business innovation. For instance, in OECD countries,approximately 95 percent of businesses have their presence in theonline platform. The internet has offered businesses with unique andefficient ways to reach their customers and to compete for marketshare. Today, it is easy to market your products, especially throughsocial media. Social media has taken another dimension and hasestablished itself as a critical marketing tool where people caninteract and do business without even having to meet. Similarly,manufacturing firms have developed links that are tech-based wherebythey can efficiently link up with their customers and supplierswithout meeting physically. For instance, suppliers can use computerhookups to track the efficiencies in their production lines.Accordingly, this has significantly reduced the downtime and moreimportantly the cost that is required to stock inventories. Insituations whereby the business is doing international manufacturing,companies connect using design centers to create international teams.As a result, the cost of doing business is significantly reduced.


Inthe modern days, the social media has a pivotal role in improving theway people inform themselves. More importantly, it has greatlyimpacted consumerism in the United States and other parts of theworld. As a powerful tool, social media has the ability to influenceconsumer’s interest in buying goods and services (Belk 280). Inearlier days, before buying a product, consumer could seekinformation about the item from a store employee or people who hadused the product. This has significantly changed through theinnovation of the Information Age. This is the period, which show amore prevalent usage of technology. Social media sites such asTwitter and Facebook are the commonly used sites where people accessinformation anywhere and anytime they want. Notably, social media hasbrought significant changes in the way people interact with oneanother, by bridging distance and time and developing virtualsocieties.


Whenthe Steve Jobs developed Iphone, he made great impacts on theconsumer world. The discovery of Smartphones in 2007 enabled almostevery person in the United states to access social media sites attheir palms. To illustrate, 68 percent of the American populationhave smartphones, while 45 percent have tablet computers (Anderson).In other words, nearly half of the population is connected.


Wearabletechnology, also referred to as fashionable technology areaccessories and clothing that incorporate advanced electronic orcomputer technology. Devices include practical features and functionsthat enable them to function. A good example of a wearable device isactivity trackers, which are physical objects embedded with sensors,electronics, and software. Iwatch , Go-Pro and Google Glass are alsogood examples of fashionable technology (Beekan, Clinton, and Ronald20). Notably, wearable technology is a device that incorporates thefeatures of a smartphone and transform it from something that can becarried to something that can be worn. Additionally, wearable techcan perform tasks that body-separate device cannot perform, such asmonitoring once step and activity level. When people acquire awearable technology, the first thing that come into their mind is allthe tasks that they can perform. In 2015, Apple Company and FitbitCompanies launched watches and fitness bracelets which altered theway their consumers interacted with their brands (Beekan, Clinton,and Ronald 20). The increased demand for these products isapparently attached to the technology behind them.


Companieshave developed complex facial –recognition software that hastransformed the testing of advertisement. Facial recognition software has given marketers the opportunity to the emotional impact of theirclient at a larger scale (Beekan, Clinton, and Ronald 20).Additionally, it allows companies to determine trends geographicallyand demographically. Although it is hard to impress every consumer,increased positive reactions is something that consumers andmarketers look forward to. Walmart Company is one of well knownorganization that has used consumerism. The retailer acknowledgedthat automated program has been so helpful to them since it notifiesthem whenever there is a potential thief.

Inconclusion, consumerism is either a social or economic order thatmotivates people to consume products and services in huge quantities.In America, consumerism is a common thing. Consumerism in technologyis just like the order of the day in the United States. Everybody andevery company is trying to chase the modern technology to placethemselves in a better position and stay ahead of competition. Anation that is up-to-date with the modern technology reaps numerousbenefits. For instance, it experiences direct job creation, growth inthe GPD, emergence of new industries and workforce transformation.


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