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Consumers Data




Several legal and ethical factors relate to how companies useconsumer data. For example, it is important to consider how theinformation would be safeguarded from criminals such as cyberterrorists (Kshetri, 2014). Consumer data could be hacked, stolen,and used to conduct illegal activities. It is essential to considerwhether the information was used for its original purpose.Organizations must also determine if consumers consented to providetheir personal information (Kshetri, 2014). Besides, companies mustconsider the consequences of data collection and analysis. It isvital to weigh if the results are equitable and whether everyone wasduly compensated (Kshetri, 2014). Companies must also determinewhether the breadth and depth of data used were reasonable for thedesired application. Moreover, it is vital to consider whether thesources of data were complete, authoritative, and appropriate(Kshetri, 2014).

Major ethical issues consist of privacy, fairness, accuracy, andreliability. Many consumers worry about how companies will use theirpersonal information. It is also reasonable to consider how the datawould be protected from unscrupulous third parties. Organizationsshould also consider whether the information obtained would result ina fair distribution of risks and benefits. In this regard, companiesmust determine whether data analysis would yield accurate andreliable information about consumer tastes and preferences.

I would ensure that the company obtains data in an ethical manner byseeking the consent of consumers. Market research also needs toconsider the concerns of customers. I would ensure that the data isused in an ethical manner by not sharing the information with thirdparties. Consequently, consumers will enjoy the benefits of privacyand confidentiality.

Indeed, companies need to consider legal and ethical issues beforecollecting and using consumer data. In particular, privacy andconfidentiality must be respected to ensure that information isprotected. Consequently, consumers will be willing to shareadditional information.


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