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Cosmetic Sampling




Culturaland religious considerations form a core factor in the marketing ofsociety.The marketing role of a company should take into accountthe different advertising and development factors that areinstrumental inthe creation of value within their product entity. Therefore thecompanies have the obligation of takinga keen role in analyzing community values and looking at theparticularapproach that they can adopt to create a brand name within thesociety. More to the point, cultural and religious differences bringa great distinction between the role of marketing in the Western andthe Asian countries. While the western nationsare a liberal society and allow different innovative approaches tomarketing in the community,the Asian communitiesembrace Islam,and this makes it difficult to carry out the same practice as onewould do with the Christian groups (Murphy,2012).The different segments of the society aretunedto afunctionalsystem where they embrace a market-specificapproach in advertising of their products. Marketing cosmeticproducts in the Middle East and Western countries are different dueto the difference in cultural orientation.

Organizinga sampling program

Westand the MiddleEastcountries have different cultural consideration in respect to thecreation of a system of values to be followed. As a result, themarketing procedure of companies should abide by the requirements ofthe cultures to ensure that they get a great profit margin.Therefore, organizing a sampling for the different segments of thepopulation will require the considerations of the various values thatthe communities have. Forthe sake of proper coordination,then sampling should bedoneon society’s belief.


TheMuslim communities have asignificantcultural consideration that women should not show their faces inpublicunless their husbands apply the cosmetics on their faces. As aresult, in bidto organize the control group, the company will take a venture intothe creation of a platform where they appeal to the community. Thecosmetic company should teach husbands on the importance of themake-ups to their wives and compel them to come for the sampling.Through this, different menwill bring along their wives and apply the cosmetics on their facesto determine the efficiency of the products.


Westernnations have their beliefs as well. However, they do not restrict theapplication of cosmetics. The society does not restrict women fromdisclosing their faces. Hence, thecosmetic company should take the advantageand come up with means of attracting women to come and applymake-up. (Paul et al. 2014).Theinitiative willenhance the application offace paints byasignificantnumber of women, thus influencing anactiveturnoverfor the company.

Alternativeconsumer promotions

Contrary,it is worth noting that there are various promotional methods thatthis company can implementduring the developmentof their brand totheir potentialclients and market. The firm can opt to use experts. For instance,they may decide to state the benefits of the application of thedifferent cosmetics through a trusted doctor or dermatologist in eachparticularregion. Through this, the loyal customers of the dermatologist willutilize the opportunity to market the products and make the companyhave the required leverage. The bold step will appeal to all thesocieties irrespective of their cultural valuessince the doctors are a universal mark of hygienic trustworthinessand their views will impact significantlyon the communityand their perception towards the products (Nill&amp Schibrowsky, 2013).Thus, organization should invest in the use of doctors to appeal tothe population.

Meritsand Demerits

Theconsumer promotion strategies are applicable in differentinstancesthat enhance the creation of value to the company and acall to thevariouscommunities. Trade promotions comealong withboth advantages and disadvantages to the institution.Primarily, the developmentsenhance the marketing role of an organization to the extent wherethey appeal to a significant portion of the population. On the otherhand, through the trade promotions, differentsegments of the population get to understand more regarding theproduct.Through thisbusiness development strategy,the marketing function of the company become less costly as it coversthe varioussectionsat once. The consolidatedappeal to the segments of the organization enhances the cutting ofpromotional costs for the company.

Nonetheless,a coin must have two sides, and so is trade promotion. During theprocess of advertising,the company exposes theuniqueness of their products as compared to those of theircompetitors. Business is all about competition, but now publicityexposes the company to competitors who can enhance their commoditiesbefore releasing hence leading to unfair competition (Murphy,2012).The activityhangsthe company in the hands of competitors who can use the informationto gain market advantage.

Inconclusion, consumer trade promotions are efficient in addressingdifferent concerns of the enterprise.The businesspromotions,on the other hand,are conducted onthe variouscultural values of the communities. Through these considerations thecompany shows concern and respect forthe values, thus gaining asignificantappreciation from the differentsegments ofthe community. Although they provide customerswith information regarding what to expect of the product, theseactivitiesexposethe company to competitors who may takeadvantage ofhaving knowledge regardingthe products and enhance theirs before taking it to the market.


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