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Medication for epilepsy.

Childrenepilepsy is one of the complex diseases, and it leaves a difficultdecision to people affected and also their families on which medicalprocess they go for. Every parent wants to see their child happy andplaying normally with other children. They would, therefore, dowhatever within their power to see that they end any life-alteringconditions such as epilepsy in their children. Many families haveshifted to medical marijuana since they have seen less or noimprovements from the prescription drugs.

Conventionaltreatment has failed to work on many people roughly 40% withepilepsy and they have opted to try medical marijuana. According to(&quotMedical Marijuana and Epilepsy&quot),some states in the U.S have approved medical marijuana for“compassionate access.”

In treating epilepsy, quite some drugs prescribed are known to bevery risky and dangerous. In the U.S, pharmaceuticals havebeen recorded to be among many causes of deaths. Some of these drugshave risked the lives of many and have killed thousands of people.For instance, Vioxx, which is a painkiller killed more than 60, 000people after which it was removed from the market (Yarlagadda, Joshiand Jasti 65).

Cannabis has been proven to be much safer to treat epilepsy thanprescription drugs. There is enough evidence that shows how theprescribed drugs affect the body of the affected individual. Theeffects include toxicity of kidney and liver, damage ofgastrointestinal and nerve, and also death cases. Cannabidiol andother products of marijuana have worked perfectively in places wheremedication failed (Yarlagadda, Joshi and Jasti65).

The use of cannabis, an extract from marijuana, in treating epilepsyin children is known on an international level since CNN`s GuptaSanjay featured in August 201 featured Figi Charlotte`s story. Figiwas a child from Colorado who had Dravet syndrome. The seizure in herstarted to reduce drastically soon after she started taking acannabis extract known as &quotCharlotte Web.&quot The onlydifference Charlotte Web oil has from the standard cannabis oil isthat it has more content of cannabidiol. This extract, cannabidiol,is very useful in controlling the activities of seizure and it alsolowers the levels of THC, a component known to make the users ofmarijuana feel high (&quotEpilepsy Foundation Of Colorado&quot).

Much of the medication used to control seizure is sedating. Thesedating effect hinders the child from interacting and also unable tofunction well. Behavioral and rage problems have been associated withthe use of prescription medicine. Marijuana and to be specificcannabidiol has neither such side effects nor toxicities. Cannabidiolis known for one side effect of sleepiness. When the child gets usedto it, this effect fades away and will stay alert and function in anormal way when the cannabis oil is used. There is no comparison thatcan be drawn from the two medical practices on safety issues.

According to Dr. Gedde, founder of Clinicians` Institute of CannabisMedicine, Cannabidiol (CBD) which is a product of marijuana makes itan important medicinal plant that has been able to treat variousdiseases where other drugs have failed. The body interacts withCannabinoids, through naturally occurring receptors of cannabinoids,which are implanted in the cell membrane all over the body.

Research conducted by various institutions finds out that over 30% ofchildren gets a positive experience and reduce seizure on a veryshort time after taking cannabis oil. The response is at the time assoon as after some days or weeks. However, this medication is not thesame for all children as there are those who will take a longer timeto realize the change (&quotMedical Benefits of Cannabis: TreatmentFor Epilepsy and More&quot). Those who take longer to experience thereduction are more sensitive to this kind of medication they have togive it some time to start working effectively.

In the U.S, approximately 10,000 children have epilepsy and theirparents who have decided to try medical marijuana has come out totestify how wonderful the drug has to turn out to be. The successstories of cannabis in treating epilepsy have spread over socialmedia such as family blogs and Facebook. Although Drug EnforcementAgency has classified marijuana as one of the drugs that can beabusive, it has been legalized in 23 states, and the benefits havebeen proven to outdo the negatives. People, especially in the statesthat it’s allowed no longer see it as a “harmful” drug, but amedicine for a complicated disease that prescribed drugs has not beenable to eradicate.

Many parents have moved from one hospital to another looking for amiracle to happen and medication work on their children. They haveused a lot of funds buying expensive drugs which never gave theexpected results. Others have ended risking the lives of theirchildren by having them done surgeries on brain, mind-numbing,therapies, and implanting electrical devices in the body. They do allthis in the hope that their children will one day enjoy just like anyother normal child would do. It is very little or no results thatcome out of all this. Medical marijuana has, however, brought backhope to them by the positive outcomes that show within a short periodof using cannabis oil.

There are a variety of prescription drugs used to treat epilepsy, butthe problem is that none of them is certified to be the rightmedicine (Freeman, 2002). This makes it even complicated since manydon`t know which drug to use. The body of a child is very delicate todrugs, and if different types are used over a certain period, it mayworsen the condition causing more damage to the health of the child.For this reason, prescriptive drugs may not be the best option totreat epilepsy, especially in children.

It is not good news when you take your child to a hospital, and thedoctor says the child is going to take the drugs every day for acertain number of years. The side effects of this daily dosage aremore as the drug is taken. Medical marijuana drug is not a must youtake it daily since the small portion of the oil consumed is verypowerful, and the child can skip some days without taking.

From the evidence provided by various research,it is clear that medical marijuana is safer than medical prescriptionand the government should give it a full support so as to do moreresearches and discover more benefits of this wonderful drug.Marijuana should be legalized for medication reason in order to bringback a smile to children with epilepsy. Children deserve to enjoytheir childhood, and this can only be done by keeping them diseasefree through investing in research to find the best cure for the illsthat attack them.


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