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Roleof a court administrator

Courtadministrators have various roles, which are mainly functional in anorganization. They are tasked with the duty of human resourcemanagement were they recruit, pick, train, and develop courtemployees. Moreover, they are involved in a fiscal administrationwhere they are involved in the preparation of court budgets,accounts, and payment of employees among other functions.Furthermore, they manage case flows, information, and technology. They also manage space by making sure that court employees have amplerooms, which are accessible to the citizensand can accommodate them (Kania &amp Davis,&nbsp2012).

Whyare juvenile justice proceedings complex and labor intensive?

It is important to understand that children who are involved incrimes have a less understanding of the law and deserve specialprotection (Beitsch, 2016). These people are minors and have limitedrights under the constitution compared to adults. Thus, in many courtproceedings, there will be a need for a balance to understand thatthey are children and deserve appropriate rehabilitation for theirdelinquent acts. Acts committed by these children are not referred ascrimes, but delinquent actions and are heard as “adjudicationhearings” and not as “trial cases”. Moreover, these cases havebecome labor intensive as the attorneys for these children need toconversant about differences in delinquency and criminal law andpsychological issues that affect children. Also, in some states, itis mandatory for lawyers handling the juvenile cases to undergo somespecific training per year (Beitsch, 2016).

Managementconcerns with victims and witnesses

Insome cases, witnesses can be evident while in others they might not.Thus, investigating officers should try to identify those witnessesthat are not obvious by clearly developing intelligence led goals(Collegeof Policing, n.d.).Moreover, witnesses and victims should be handled with caution, calmand in a reassuring way as an error in initial contact strategy canprevent or delay the provision of relevant information that ismaterial to an investigation. Furthermore, if there was a reward forthe provision of information, “it should not be highlighted to anypotential witness who comes forward,”(College of Policing, n.d.) . Additionally, investigators should be able to get any forensicmaterial from a victim if he/she was at the scene as a witness. Insome instances, “investigators can fast track interview with awitness to rapidly progress their work,”(College of Policing, n.d.).All this should be done with risk assessment and management.

Whattype of communication should take place between criminal justicemanagers and defense attorneys?

Communicationin organizations has become very important as they seek to streamlinehow they operate by increasing transparency. The type ofcommunication that is utilized in an organization depends on thedirection of the flow of information (Kania&amp Davis,&nbsp2012).For instance, in the judicial system, information between criminaljustice managers and attorneys would be formal, but horizontal.Moreover, the defense attorney should in their profession address thecourt with professionalism as an entity and not an individual as theycomply promptly with court orders(American bar association, n.d.).

Whatwas unique about the early pioneers of management theories?

Mostof the management theories emanated from military applications, butas time passed non- coercive approach was adopted (Kania&amp Davis,&nbsp2012).As these theories were adopted, they brought a lot of change, whichdestabilized the structures that had been formed then. As aconsequence, their pioneers were not accorded their respect untilthey were long gone and their principles and ideologies were seen inapplication, despite them being right (Kania&amp Davis,&nbsp2012).


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