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Createan Infant Toy

Anythingthat a child finds fun when playing with and in most cases is usuallya model or replica of an already existing thing is termed as a toy.The paper presented, described in detail the creation of a toy for ababy that is safe and environmentally friendly.

Describingthe toy and how it was created

Thetoy created as seen from the picture is a miniature doll. It is usedto replicate a young baby that has not exceeded twelve months.

Thedoll in the project can be said to be big in size with a small eyethat was black in color. The eyelashes were longer than normal anddressed in a red dress, with no shoe on the foot. From the design ofthe doll, the eyes remain open anytime it is standing. When the dollwas lying, the long eyelashes would block the entire eye and it wouldappear as though the doll was asleep. From the look of the doll, itlooks as if it is of Russian descendants so I decided to name itRika.

Duringthe creation of the doll, a major consideration was given to thesafety of the child when playing with the doll. So, all the materialsused were analyzed and a conclusion is drawn that they are safe andhas no direct harm to the child that may be playing with the doll(Raffan, 2013). Turning toys.). A large part of the body of the dollwas made using a sponge from the worn out mattresses. It wasimportant to use the sponge on the body of the doll as the softnessof the sponge cannot cause any harm to the child just in case thedoll falls on the child by mistake. Again, the sponge used can serveas a comfy pillow for the child just in case the child gets attachedto the doll to an extent the child cannot sleep without it. Theeyelashes of the doll are made of knitting wool that is black incool. The nails of the doll, on both the hands and the legs, are madeof wrapping paper that is brown in color. The decision to make thenails of the doll using the wrapping papers was because of the factthat wrapping paper is environmentally friendly because of theirbiodegradable nature. The clothes that were used to dress the dollwere assembled from worn out clothes that were lying idly in thesuitcases (Knetzger, 2016).

Thebest age to play with the toy

Withthe nature of the toys that has been made, the baby that will mostbenefit from the toy is a baby that is in the late infancy stage. Anychild to develop properly, he or she will need to have a first personexperience with the numerous events that are taking place all overthe world. The experience will make the baby to be able to make senseand even relate to what that might be happening in the surrounding(Garland, 2015).

Howthe toy will benefit an infant in all of the developmental domains

Whenone thinks of all the things that children have to learn as they aregoing up, the individual will notice that toys are a very importantpart in the development of a baby. When a baby in the late infancystage is exposed to this toy that has been made, there is a greatopportunity for the child to understand a lot of things that arehappening in their immediate environment. For example, the baby willknow that there is a force that will make the doll to always fallfrom heights to the ground whenever is not attached to anything. Atthe initial stages, the baby might not be able to know the complextheory behind gravitational force, but back into the mind, the infantwill be aware of what will happen to the doll if it is left un-attendto when on height.

Again,when the baby will be bending down to pick up the toy, the muscles ofthe baby will be in use. Research shows that those muscles that ababy starts using regularly when still at a young age, usually endsup being stronger. So from this, it can be said that the homemade toycan help in keeping the infant health to some extent.

Developmenttheory that informed the design

Adevelopment stage theory that was first created by Piaget is broughtout clearly when one watches a baby playing with a toy. When a babyuses this toy that is home made, the baby will start protecting thetoy because of the belief that the toy is its own property. With thiskind of mind, the infant will develop into responsible individualsthat will always protect that thing or individual that needsprotection.

Whenthe infant learns that there are things that should not be done tothe doll because these activities spoil the general outlook of thedoll. From this experience, the operant theory by Skinner isdisplayed as now there are those actions that the infant is lesslikely to undertake.

Again,when the infant gets to learn anything in the process when it isplaying with the doll, then here it will be Bandura’s sociallearning theory that will be in use.


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