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Crime control



Briefposition statement on whether or not you believe citizen patrols canbe beneficial in controlling crime?

Citizenpatrols are volunteers within the community working in collaborationwith the law enforcement authority to reduce the crime rate. The useof volunteer citizen patrols has become a common law enforcementstrategy of reducing criminal activities[ CITATION htt16 l 1033 ].The role of police officers in the community is made easier throughpublic cooperation and coordination. Citizen patrols have proved tobe beneficial in various states whereby they assist the lawenforcement team in traffic control, search for lost persons, andreporting any suspicious or criminal behaviors in the community,among other security duties. Citizens on Patrol have adequateknowledge about the community hence provide intelligence to thepolice department valuable in preventing criminal activities.

Doarmed citizens deter crime? Explain your answer

Thetopic of gun control has faced a lot of controversies, in the fightagainst violent crimes. Research studies have shown that more guns atthe hands of the populace could result in more violent crimes[ CITATION Pap15 l 1033 ].On the contrary, some criminologists claim that by allowing citizensto possess guns will significantly reduce crime. Most researchstudies have inferred that gun ownership tends to increase incidencesof homicides, rather than preventing gun-related crimes. According tothe CDC, there were approximately 16,120 homicide cases in 2013 witha larger proportion being carried out with a firearm[ CITATION Pap15 l 1033 ].According to opponents of gun ownership, the possession of firearmsamong the citizens would lead to more fatalities because of thecrossfire involved, during a mass shooting incidence.


Thepossession of legal and illegal firearms among the modern populationhas tremendously increased, leading to heightened insecurity. The lawenforcement ought to work with the community to promote security andprevent criminal activities. Therefore, gun control measures must beimplemented to improve safety within the society.


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