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Crime Laboratory Drug Identification Unit Contents


CrimeLaboratory: Drug Identification Unit


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Crime Laboratory: Drug Identification Unit 4

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Thereis an increase in the rate at which crime is conducted in the city ofCrimetown, and that requires strategic measures within the crimelaboratory to counter attack the crimes. Many units occur within thecrime laboratory to aid in the determination and prevention ofcriminal activities in the Crimetown. However, this paper focuses onthe Drug Identification Unit, and assesses how its function of thedetection of drugs helps to contain criminal acts in the city ofCrimetown. In a nutshell, most crimes occur due to substance abuse,thus the identification of drugs through forensic examination ensuresthat the youths do not access and misuse the drugs, and in turn helpsto control transgression in the city of Crimetown.

CrimeLaboratory: Drug Identification Unit

Thereis an increase in the rate at which crime is conducted in the city ofCrimetown, and that requires strategic measures within the crimelaboratory to counter attack the felonies. Within the crimelaboratory, there are different units that help to conduct a forensicstudy such asDNA unit, case management unit, administration, anddrug identification unit among others. Therefore, the research paperwill examine drug identification unit with references to followingsubheadings functions of drug identification unit, the importance ofdrug identification unit and how drug identification helps to solvecrime in the city of Crimetown. Similarly, drug identification isimperative as it helps in the assessment of the presence or absenceof controlled substance(Strom &amp Hickman, 2015).

Thosewho are involved in forensic drug examination help in theindisputable identification of any controlled substance that isexpected to be present in the drug exhibit. Within the drugidentification unit, the following are some of the techniques thatare utilized for drug examination: chromatography or massspectrometry (GC/MS). The methods are very useful since they assistin the semi-automated assessment of the sample and it providesadequate information to identify the drug in question. Even thoughthere are certain limitations that are associated with GC/MS they canbe controlled (Strom&amp Hickman, 2015).


Presently,there are a variety of drugs, and some produce limited mass spectralfragmentation arrangements especially when electron impact MS is usedto conduct the analysis. On the other hand, there are certainsophisticated drug compounds such as positional isomers anddiastereomers that cannot be easily identified by only using massspectroscopy (Strom&amp Hickman, 2015). Similarly, there are techniques that have been formulated, and theycan help in the identification of organic compounds within drugidentification unit. That type of technique is known as the infraredspectroscopy, and it has proven to be effective in drugidentification. There are some improvements that have been made inthe hyphenated methods, and infrared spectroscopy that can provide analternative assessment to GC/MS for different types of compoundidentification (Strom&amp Hickman, 2015).

Furthermore,there is an instrument that was improvised and it can obtain effluenton a liquid nitrogen cooled and IR transparent window that permits acomplete evaluation of deposited solid materials. That technique isvery effective compared to other methods such as IR with regards tosensitivity. The technique is more advantageous since it enhancescomparison of the collected spectra to an already existing IRdatabase (Strom&amp Hickman, 2015). Therefore, within drug identification unit, there is need toformulate and implement procedures and protocols for identificationof various drugs and that can help to manage crime in the city ofCrimetown. Key interests of the drug identification unit it toenhance their skills on the identification of regularly encountereddrugs, related drug isomers, designer drugs among others. Therefore,when adequate funds are provided to the department of drugidentification, it can help to come up with techniques andinstruments that are effective in the identification of all types ofdrugs including their compounds (Strom&amp Hickman, 2015).

Functionsof Drug Identification Unit

Drugidentification unit has numerous roles that it plays both internallyand externally that is because of the dynamics that are involved inthe drug trade. Drugs are abused globally since they are accessibledue to opening up that has been enhanced by shorter traffickingroutes (Skelton,2016).Drug trade comprises of the following individual`s users, dealers,couriers, suppliers, producers and growers and when funds areprovided it will be utilized to deal with all the culprits. Withinthe drug identification unit, the following are some of the drugsthat are given much consideration psychotropic substance, cocaine,cannabis, heroin among others. Therefore, the following are some ofthe critical functions of the drug identification unit(Skelton, 2016).

First,drug identification unit is an involved collaboration with othermember countries where they obtain data about the drug and analyzethem. Data analysis is very critical since it helps in strategicplanning and developing intelligence reports that can help to curbcrimes (Skelton,2016).Once these reports have been developed, they are disseminated invarious offices in Crimetown and other member countries. That type oflinkage is very important since drug trafficking has become a globalissue and it requires effective collaboration to manage it. Once therespective offices have received the information they use itformulate mechanisms that can help to control drug abuse and alsomethods of drug identification (Skelton,2016).

Despitethe department working in handling drug matters within the city ofCrimetown, they are also charged with the duty of reacting andresponding to the international drug investigation. The drug issue isnot a centralized matter within the city of Crimetown only, but it isdiverse because the consumer may be found within the town, butsuppliers come from different nations. Therefore, as the drugidentification unit conducts an investigation within the city, theymust learn more information about the drug in other countries(Skelton,2016).That can only be effective when they work together with theinternational drug investigation by sharing intelligent information.Additionally, drug identification unit can be called upon to helpother member countries in the identification of drug as a measure ofmitigating crime. Such involvements require additional funds then itwould be appropriate when more funds are challenged to the drugidentification unit (Skelton,2016).

Anothercritical role played by drug identification unit includes organizingoperational working meetings. These seminars are very important incrime management because members meet and share ideas on how to dealwith the issue of drug abuse and trafficking. Similarly, suchmeetings are very imperative since they help in developing a linkbetween members when an international investigation is conducted(Houcketal.,2015).Therefore, drug identification unit is responsible for developingboth internal and external links that can help in easy condition asfar drug investigation is concerned. Additionally, since the drug hasevolved and it has become a global concern, the department of drugidentification can organize a regional conference where they discussa certain topic about drug identification. Moreover, drugidentification unit, attend global conferences on behalf of theorganization and from such meeting they discuss the extent of drugproblems, sharing information related to the latest investigationtechniques and enhance cooperation with the law enforcementfraternity(Houck etal.,2015).

Importanceof Drug Identification Unit

Drugidentification unit is very important to the city of Crimetown sinceit control and prevents shipping of drugs into the town. Afteridentification of drug, it is easy for this department to designinstruments that can be used to identify drugs in various places suchas airports among others (Houcketal.,2015).Hence, when these tools are used within the borders, airports, thosewho are found ferrying the drugs are taken to court and charged.Additionally, drug identification unit conduct classification ofdrugs and that makes it simple even to identify even compound drugsthat are transported by the culprits. Such measures are verysignificant since they help in controlling entry of drugs in the cityof Crimetown (Houcketal.,2015).

Additionally,drug identification unit provides training to various staff that theywork with and provide them with necessary skills of drugidentification. When such individuals are equipped with suchknowledge, which is important since they can identify drug in anysituations. Similarly, drug identification is not a central issuebecause of its global dimension and that requires manpower that canhelp in the identification of drugs that have been shipped to thecity of Crimetown (Houcketal.,2015).This training can be provided to various departments and affiliatedoffice that are working hand in hand with the unit in drugidentification. Therefore this part of training on how to identifydrugs is very essential when the units are working to ensure thatthey solve crime in the city of Crimetown (Houcketal.,2015).

Drugidentification unit is very important since it helps in solving crimein the city of Crimetown and other member countries. Most of thecrimes that are conducted worldwide are triggered as a result of drugabuse. When a person is in their right sense, it is difficult toengage in criminal activities (Houcketal.,2015).Therefore, when drug identification unit put more efforts on theirtechniques of drug identification, it can reduce crime by asignificant margin in the city of crime town. Additionally, when thepersons involved in supplying of drugs to the citizens are identifiedand taken to the prison that implies that most youths will not getinvolved in drug abuse and that can control criminal activities.H3ence it can be said that drug identification unit is verysignificant as it helps in addressing crime issues within the city ofCrimetown (Houcketal.,2015).

Drugand identification unit are very imperative since they promote goodhealth of the citizens by ensuring that they don’t consume drugsthat are harmful to their health. Hence, it is the duty of drugidentification unit to ensure that they control drug demand that istaking place within the city of Crimetown. Additionally, they reduceharms that are caused by psychoactive drugs by developing proceduresthat can help in easy identification of drugs within the city ofCrimetown. When the citizens do not consume hard drugs such as herointheir health is improved and they can get involved in economicdevelopment within the city of Crimetown (Henderson &amp Botluk,2015).

HowDrug Identification Helps to Solve Crime

Drugidentification unit can help to solves crimes within the city ofCrimetown since most of the criminal activities that gang getsinvolved in are as a result of drug abuse. First, through drugidentification, the specialists can understand the movements of thedrug from the point of manufacturing until they reach the consumer.Therefore, understanding these channels that are involved in thedistribution of the drug is very important in solving the crime(Henderson &amp Botluk, 2015). For instance, when drugidentification unit is carrying out their identification they can mapregions within Crimetown that are associated with drugs. Theseregions that are mapped and they have been identified as areas thathave a high concentration of drugs more surveillance can be directedin such places. One guiding principle within this context is thatregions that are associated with drugs are directly linked tocriminal activities. Therefore, mapping these regions by drugidentification unit can help to solve crime in the city of Crimetown(Henderson &amp Botluk, 2015).

Additionally,through drug identification, it is possible to understand thedistribution of drugs within the city of Crimetown. These channelsare very significant as law enforcement officers can be strategicallypositioned in critical places such the airport and help in drugidentification(Lothridge, Sullivan &amp Vivian, 2016).Additionally, when they know the country of origin that is alsoimportant for the visitors from such nations more restriction can beplaced on their entry and prevent their free movement into the cityof Crimetown. Therefore, when such kinds of steps are taken to thedrug identification unit they can help to solve the issue of crime(Henderson &amp Botluk, 2015).

Drugidentification also helps to solve crime be ensuring that citizens donot get involved in the consumption of these drugs. The majority ofpeople who are found of taking drugs, it has been shown that they arelikely to engage in criminal activities. Hence, strict measures areformulated and implemented by drug identification unit that canprevent youths from taking these drugs. As a result when theconsumption of drugs has been lowered that implies that crime hasbeen solved to a certain extent (Maguireetal.,2015).Similarly, some people get involved in the selling of drugs so thatthey can acquire weapons of conducting a crime. When these sources ofincome are cut short, that implies that they will not be in aposition to acquire these weapons that they use conduct crime.Therefore, through drug identification, it is possible to cut everylink that people are associated with that can result in engaging incriminal activities(Maguire etal.,2015).


Thereis an increase in the rate at which crime is conducted in the city ofCrimetown and that requires strategic measures within the crimelaboratory to counter attack the crimes. Within crime laboratory,there are different units that help to conduct a forensic study suchasDNA unit, case management unit, administration, drugidentification unit among others. Similarly, there are certainsophisticated drug compounds such as positional isomers anddiastereomers that cannot be easily identified by simply using massspectroscopy. Furthermore, there is an instrument that was improvisedand it can obtain effluent on a liquid nitrogen cooled and IRtransparent window that permits a complete evaluation of depositedsolid materials. Conversely, drug identification unit is involvedcollaboration with other member countries where they obtain dataabout the drug and analyze them. Data analysis is very criticalsince it helps in strategic planning and developing intelligencereports that can contribute to curb crimes. Moreover, Drugidentification unit is vital to the city of Crimetown since itcontrol and prevent shipping of drugs into the town. Additionally,through drug identification, it is possible to understand thedistribution of drugs within the city of Crimetown. These channelsare very significant as law enforcement officers can be strategicallypositioned in critical places such the airport and help in drugidentification.


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