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Punishmentis of crime is acceptable for law offender across the globe. Itserves as a correctional mechanism for the convict and sends apowerful message that the judicial and security agencies arecommitted to upholding the rule of law. However, capital punishmentis arguably the most controversial judgment (Roberts, 2013). Thispaper purposes to examine if the death sentence is justifiable in thecivilized world.

Thingsnecessary for the defense of death penalty charges

Theproponents of death punishment cite retribution, deterrence, andrights forfeiture as supporting points (Green B., 2013). As anAttorney in the defense of individuals charged with capital offense,I would examine their mental condition, crime recurrence, drug abuserecord, and the impacts of the substances used as reported by amedical doctor.

Presentationsto exonerate the individual charged with capital offense

Asa defense attorney in crime cases under the ultimate punishment, Iwould challenge the complainant and the judge that the suspectsdeserve rehabilitation instead. The individuals under this categoryare usually living with the mental disability or under substanceabuse (Dahal &amp Cragg, 2015). We are in an era where we needtransformational decisions for a better society. When the convictsare sent to rehab centers, the community will understand themotivation behind the criminal activities, hence will work onpreventive measures (Gibson &amp Lain, 2014).

Secondly,I will point out to my learned friends that an eye for an eye is fastextinguishing our nation (Gibson &amp Lain, 2014). The possibilitiesfor revenge and hatred between the families of the plaintiff and thecomplainants cannot be overstated. Judgments should never be based onpassion but based on evidence coupled with fair rulings. Forgivenessis a virtue that the judicial system should uphold for peacefulcoexistence in the neighborhood

Moreover,the cost of capital punishment is a burden to the taxpayers. Thereare numerous measures in the court system, higher lawyer fees, longtrials, and more experts are needed as witnesses. According toresearch in California by the Sacramento Bee, up to $90 million canbe saved yearly if the capital penalty was completely abolished(Green, 2013).

Iwould argue before the court that life in prison is the way to go.The convicts have loved ones and families who still want to see themalive. Death is very cruel and painful, leaving people traumatizedfor longer periods. In the prisons, the criminals can be involved innation building through the work programs. Besides, they can betrained in masonry, carpentry and agriculture and their products soldto help their families and the Gross Domestic Product (Roberts,2013).


Thedeath penalty is a panic crime deterrence mechanism only makingoffense punishment complicated, expensive and unfair. The societylives in fear due to the need for revenge, which only serves toincrease crime prevalence. The judicial system, the government, andthe law enforcement agencies should develop and use rehabilitationand work programs for convicts taken to life prisons.


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