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Critical Essay Response

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CriticalEssay Response

The article A universe lies on the sidewalks of New York thatis written by Steven Doloff looks at various important issues aboutlife. In fact, he seems to value the smaller things more than thebigger things that are lying on the sidewalk. For instance, thefeeling of a person being hit by the bullet shells does not triggerhis emotions. He looks at the robbery or murder as a common scenariothat just makes a part of the homicide statistics. However, the gumspots evoke his feelings, and he is awed at the way they endure thewashing of the street cleaner, and they might live for a longerperiod as well. Shockingly, he is the same person that believed thebullet fragments were cute. I disagree with Doloff’s assumptionsthat we should appreciate the smaller things while ignoring, thebigger ones since our modern suburbanized society tend to appreciatethe material things more than the acts of kindness, love or evenrespect.

In reality, Doloff’s interpretation of the sidewalk is impracticalsince people in today’s suburbanized society value the huge thingsas opposed to the smaller ones. For instance, people do prefer thematerial things as opposed to the acts of kindness or even therespect. In a marriage, a wife will not feel appreciated if herhusband treats her with respect and if he keeps reminding the wifehow he loves her. Instead, a woman will feel loved if the husbandbuys a gift. In fact, the value of the gift will match the intensityof the wife’s reaction. For instance, a woman will be happier ifthe husband buys a car for her as opposed to a bunch of rose flowers.The scenario is a perfect example that contrasts Doloff’sinterpretation of the way people appreciate life and various things.Clearly, a wife will not value the simple acts of love and kindness,but, the material things are the ones that will evoke an intenseemotion. Besides that, some people will not treasure the life,health, and peace that God has granted them but, they will criticizeHim if they fail to get a job or a certain favor they wanted. Hence,people often appreciate large and material things and not the smallerones that Doloff values most.

We live in asociety where people are more focused on paying their bills, and theywill only engage in something that has a significant return. Apartfrom that, one will engage in something if he will get another favor.Hence, some people will ignore the smaller things such as the acts ofkindness and appreciation that do not have material benefits. Inreality, such an incident might even scare other people from helpingyou in the future. For instance, the love for the material things hasalso forced the employees in our public offices to ask for bribesbefore they undertake a certain duty. The religious leaders will prayfor a person and even bless you if you are the person that frequentlyoffers enough tithes. Clearly, the mentality has infiltrated intoevery corner of the society, and that shows how Doloff’s ideologiesare somehow impractical, and they will not occur in our mainstreamsociety.

Personally, I do not appreciate the smaller things, and I prefer thelarger ones instead. I might blame it on the surrounding that hasshown the benefits that I can get from the material things. Since mychildhood, I have often asked for the presents and other favors inorder to do something. For instance, I was more likely to undertakean errand if I was promised candy or even a few hours to play videogames. However, the act of appreciation and a simple “thank you”as met by tantrums and wild crying. Hence, from that point, I haveunderstood that the material things are more crucial than the smallerones that might include the acts of kindness. I have oftenexperienced intense pressure from my parents that want higher resultsfrom my school activities. In contrary, they do not appreciate howdisciplined or respectful I was in that particular semester. It showsthat even my entire life is surrounded by people that do notappreciate the simple things in life. All in all, we should learn toincorporate the simple things and the material stuff to meet thestandards that the various people in the society do have.

In conclusion, I disagree with Doloff’s assumptions that treasurethe smaller things such as the gum spots and ignore the relevance ofbigger stuff like the barrel shells. For instance, he does not haveany emotions for the victim of the bullet fragments on the sidewalk,and he looks at it as a common scenario. Ironically, the barrelshells were the things supposed to evoke stronger emotions since thebullets might have killed or injured a person. On the other hand, hederives a lot of concepts from a simple gum spots, and he believesthat they have endurance and they can even live for a longer period.In contrary, his interpretation does not match the beliefs of thetoday`s suburbanized world since people do not appreciate the smallerthings. In fact, people will value the material things and not themore minor issues such as the acts of kindness and love as somepeople might believe. A look at my life shows how material things aremore important than the smaller things that Doloff treasures more.

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