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Critical Thinking Case Study

CriticalThinking Case Study



CriticalThinking Case Study

Billy`sproblem is the marketing plan. Although he can identify his idealmarket, Billy is unable to come up with a solid marketing plan thatwould ensure his cookies are automatically purchased when people buycoffee. Although his business requires a long-term plan marketingstrategy, Billy expects immediate results.

Billyis trying to leverage on classical conditioning theory in scenarioone whereby he wants to promote the stimulus effect throughrepetition. For instance, repeatedly giving of cookies for free tocoffee buyers would result in long-term conditional response toeating cookies whenever they buy coffee. Whereas, in scenario two,Billy leverages on the instrumental learning process wherebyconsumers get to learn about the cookies on a trial and error method.In scenario three, Billy leverages on observational learning wherebyhe wants his target market to learn through observing others takingcoffee and cookies. Finally, in the fourth scenario, Billy leverageson a cognitive learning theory. In this scenario, consumers willlearn from the information displayed on the posters, thuscontinuously appealing them to purchase cookies whenever they aretaking coffee.

Promotionnumber four would prove to be more effective as for one it is a cheaplong term marketing strategy. For instance, he could only requireposters and creativity to appeal the consumers to purchase thecookies whenever they visit the coffee shops for a cup of coffee.Additionally, scenario number four uses a cognitive learning theoryto attract the customer`s consumption of a product. This process ofcognitive marketing stimulates psychological appeal towards certainproducts.

Billywill achieve his vision since his marketing strategies involve bothbehavioral learning and cognitive theories that are most likely tohave a long-term positive effect whenever consumers respond to them.His repetitive and reinforcement market strategies are likely tostimulate customers to buy his cookies given that he is also able tocombine a cognitive aspect in his marketing strategies. Posters tendto positively appeal to customers to buy advertised products, mostlyout of curiosity.