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Critique Is it ever right to try to create a superior human being?

Critique:Is it ever right to try to create a superior human being?


Johngray is an English philosopher who is very popular with hisanalytical philosophies. One of his analytics is “Is it ever rightto try to create a superior human being?” This is a rather verytrue and practical statement, and his point of view, on the otherhand, is absorbing. John Grey in his article pointed out that Peoplehave for a long time imagined of cultivating humanity via science,but the consequences may no longer remain human. This is a very truestatement because many are the time`s science wants to portray theaspect of a perfect human being, but the truth is that human beingsare created in error. There is no perfect person neither is there anysuperior person (Gawande,2014).&nbspHowever, the entire article does not have any argument why remaininghuman is something likable and surprising. It does not give theopportunity to human beings to work on their flaws to make themselvesbetter. Having superior human beings now means that all other humanbeings are inferior to the superior being. We want to altereverything to look perfect and to look perfect.


Sciencehas given human beings knowledge, and human beings are trying toalter governments and corporations to create the world for the futuregenerations. In reality, this means conquering these future humanbeings. Human beings seem dissatisfied with the existing humans andtherefore have the intention of using science to alter the humanspecies to have the qualities and abilities which they considerdesirable. Scientific planners feel that using new technologies theycan alter the human species to come up with an improved (Gardner,2011).&nbspTheirony of this is that the scientists who are trying to come up withthese fallacies are also imperfect. And how possible is it for animperfect person to create a perfect human being who has the perfectqualities with no flaws or shortcomings whatsoever? This is adifficult quiz because in my understanding it is only a perfect humanbeing who can create another perfect being. For instance, two peoplemale and female who have perfect health and perfect IQ capacity canget kids with imperfect kids who have an imperfect IQ and health(Porter,2011).&nbsp

Honestlyin my opinion scientists a little too much have to decide on behalfof the rest of us human beings what constitutes being a superiorhuman being and what doesn’t. This to me is morally wrong. It istoo ambitious to be of the opinion that science can control thequality of human beings existing in the world. The thought ofscience coming up with beings that will live forever because they areno longer a microbial organism that dies at some point is ratherabsurd. The main query here is that is it even possible for this tohappen? My answer is that however much a superior human being isgoing to be formed who is a million times intelligent who doesn’tdie and hence immortal is very impossible. This immortal being ismore like a machine, and at some point, it will break down or have amalfunctioning and a real human being will be required to fix it.This immortal being is not human that’s more like a machine (Deida,2014).&nbsp

Weall fear death that’s true because life on the other side isuncertain to all of us. We all would like to live forever and ever,but unfortunately, this is impossible. I agree with the writer of thearticle when he says that “Humans are not intelligent enough to becapable of designing superior versions of them.” I cannot agreemore to any other statement in this article that I have agreed tothis one. He further says that if at all human beings are given achance to re-create themselves they will not create a perfect beingbut rather they will come up with a being who is fashionable in thecurrent world who is probably extremely intelligent and thin just asthe world desires. I conquer with this absolutely because it willcome a time that the human beings who created this same “Superiorhuman being” will regard him or her outdated and therefore go forthto come up with another breed of being who is superior to that one(Begum,2014)


Thething is times are changing every day, and human beings are bombardedby different ideas every day. As times change human beings, acquiredifferent ideas that make them think in another perspective. Justlike machinery or technology equipment’s it is human beings whomake them and design them. In a span of just three months, you willfind an improved version of a very fashionable vehicle model. Myopinion is human beings can do all improvements for all other thingsin this world but thinking of making an immortal being that will besuperior to them is quite an uphill task and even if they do the endproduct will no longer be a human being but rather a machine justlike any other which will need improvements at some point.


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