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Data Brokers, Data Privacy, and Governance

DataBrokers, Data Privacy, and Governance

DataBrokers, Data Privacy, and Governance

Dataprivacy is one of the issues that should be taken seriously by anyhealth care organization in the country. For a health care facilityto satisfy the needs of the clients, it should deliver high-qualityservices and do whatever it takes to preserve the patient’s privatehealth data. According to HealthInsurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), it is importantfor a health care facility to refrain from leaking private healthinformation to unauthorized parties. HIPAA gives power to thepatients to have control over who accesses their private healthinformation.

Itis, therefore, recommended that each and every health careorganization should adhere to the HIPAA regulations stringently.Apart from preserving the privacy of the patients’ healthinformation, the health care organizations should seek the consent ofthe patient before revealing their confidential data to third partiesunless permitted by law (Vayena,Mastroianni &amp Kahn, 2012).Otherwise, any violation can result in civil money penalties andcriminal prosecution for the responsible practitioner ororganization.

Toavoid such penalties, a health care organization should be committedto the application of HIPAA regulations. Allhealth care organizations should liaise with theDepartment of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights(OCR) to enforce and administer the regulations. At the same time,all the data handlers should be provided with adequate training onhow to use and respect the patient’s private information about thepast, present, and future treatments, medications, health payments,or mental conditions (Dehling, Gao, Schneider &amp Sunyaev, 2015).Aninformed practitioner is better because they can make importantdecisions and desist from any violation that might cause penalties.


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