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The United Nations Chapter 2 addresses gender equality andsustainable development (United Nations, n.d). The focus isidentifying women’s empowerment as the central force forsustainable development. According to the UN survey, womenempowerment impacts sustainable development by influencing policyformulation and decision making. Consequentially, there arechallenges and opportunities for the same. Human activities andeconomic conditions are some of the major drivers of the empowerment.A balance of various dynamics that are outcomes of these two elementsguarantees regular development, which is sustainable. To makeprogress, the relevant authorities need to make reference to pastdevelopments, which are the gateway to the future. This willfacilitate elimination of tensions in tradeoffs and improveaccountability for social welfare. Altogether, the UN holds thatpolicies that are meant for enhancing sustainability ought to berevised so that they fit the sustainable development pathway. Theyinclude, but not limited to, environmental and social sustainabilitypolicies.

Maria Mies discusses the need to have a new vision that is foundedwithin the subsistence perspective (Mies, 1993). Also known as the‘survival perspective’, the concepts’ essence is to address theplight of the economically demeaned women. One of the main factorsthat facilitate this occurrence is patricidal capitalism. Besideshurting the economic safety of the women, this kind of control is notgood for sustainable development. There is need to realize that womenhave become increasingly critical for modern development, and havecome up with models to fight economic oppression. Some of the effortsinclude control over resources and innovative socio-economicengagements. The author presents a standing argument for substantiveperspective that has inspired ecological and feminist development,which has worked well in eliminating patriarchal dominance in thesocio-economic sphere.


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