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David Hume`s Philosophy

DavidHume’s Philosophy

DavidHume’s Philosophy

Howwould you briefly explain to this alien why Hume said this?

Iwould explain to the alien that human beings have no rational basisto believe that the future will resemble the past because the societyis not static, but exposed to lots of dynamics.

Thealien then asks you: why, then, do you human beings believe that thefuture will be like the past?

Iwould respond to this question by explaining to the alien that humanbeings hold the view that the future will look like the past becausethey are related. Human beings have a tendency of linking what willhappen to what has already happened and familiar to them.

Now,never mind aliens. Why is it reasonable that some human being mightfind Hume’s idea, that we have no rational basis for believing thatthe future will be like the past, surprising?

Hume’stheory appears to be surprising because it is not rational to relatethe future to the past because of the dynamics of the world. It isnot obvious that the future will look exactly like the past becauseof the many changes that do occur each day.

Whatreason could you give to explain why Hume’s idea is not sosurprising after all?

Hume’sidea is not so surprising because of the relationship between thecause and effect. So, it might be justifiable to argue that thefuture will look like the past because what has not been experiencedmight be like what has been experienced in the past.

Whatdo you think Hume’s idea says about us, about human nature?

Inmy opinion, I believe that human beings are analogical in theirreasoning. This means that human beings draw an analogy between thefuture and the past. However, this might be irrational because of theconstant changes that occur in the society.

Iwould like to say that I agree with your responses. They arereasonable and right. At the same time, they are illustrated andexplained in an appropriate manner. It shows that you understand whatHume had to say about human beings in his theories.