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Death Sentence Punishment


DeathSentence Punishment


Inthe constitution, capital punishment is a judgment of execution givento an individual prosecuted because of murder or other crimes thatare punishable by death, as prescribed by the government or any otherlegislative body (Death penalty law and Legal definition, 2016).

Capitalcrimes mainly lead to the deathpenalty in the moststate. In various nations,capital punishment is a matter of controversy basing on differentsingle political ideology or cultural region. Accepted death penaltyrule in a country highly rely on age requirement, although it isallowed to impose a death penalty on a minor in certaincritical cases.According to the investigation carried out in theUnited States of America,a huge percentage of citizens from Texas State supported theinitiative of death consequence. In United States death punishmenthas been highly rated in Texas when it comes to affectingaround five hundred and fifteen for previous years. There is a rangeof crimes such as kidnapping resulting indeath, witchcraft, rape of a minor by an aged person, treason anddealing with drug trafficking are the leadingcauses of capitalpunishment.(Texas Death Penalty Facts, 2015).Also,thedeathsentence is also carried out on military and centralized crimes.Texas as a state deeply relies on death penalty unlike to lifeimprisonment so as to reduce the rate of serious offensesand murder rise.

Therefore,bythe survey, I strongly disagree to support that individuals should besubjectedto death penalties as per the level of a crimeone has done. The core reason isthe idea that Texas will reduce the costs ofthedeathpenalty which is more expensive over life imprisonment, permanentlyremove big criminal for the safety of citizens or fellow minorinmates through life imprisonment on separate built prisons. Lastly,generally in most cases innocent one are somehow unfairly executeddue to unclear evidence carried out.


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