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Delinquents and Drug Abuse

Delinquentsand Drug Abuse

Delinquentsare children who commit criminal acts. They are referred as suchbecause they are minors and under law, their cases are not heard inthe trial, but “adjudication hearings,” (Sittner, Whitbeck, &ampPrentice, 2012). Delinquents will often get themselves involved incases where they abuse alcohol or drugs. Children who becomedelinquent are influenced by social, environmental and psychologicalfactors to abuse drugs.

Tobegin with, children who are raised in families where their relativesare drug users, criminals, and characterized by poor parenting willoften find themselves emulating this behavior (Schofield, Conger, &ampRobins,&nbsp2015). In some cases, these children might end upstealing to fulfill their essential needs as their parents cannot dothat. As they try to forget or reduce the effects of their actionsand situations they are in these children might start to use drugs.

Moreover,as the children suffer emotional detachment and self-esteem issues,they will always alienate themselves or join groups that are involvedin delinquent acts (Schofield et al., 2015). This has been the majorreason why children join gangs and find it easy to abuse drugs asthey seek identity. Thus, to feel “high or excited” they willplunge themselves into drug abuse, which gives them a false sense ofbeing cool. In the search for this coolness and identity, they willoften succumb to peer pressure and abuse drugs to appease their new“friends in crime,” (Schofield et al., 2015).

Moreover,delinquents who are sociopaths will always abuse drugs as they wantto feel a sense of ecstasy (Sittner et al., 2012). These people havea disorder, which makes them not be easily excited. Thus, they willalways seek drugs, which increase their sensory for pleasure. Also,they derive pleasure by hurting others. Therefore, it is likely thatthey will abuse drugs with intentions to commit delinquent acts.

Somestudies have shown that children who use and sell drugs are morelikely to commit delinquent acts than those who did one of the two(Sittner et al., 2012). Furthermore, heavy users are likely to beinvolved in crimes of property theft. Moreover, delinquents who selldrugs or commit burglary would do them with the intention to accessother drugs.


Therefore,alcohol and drug abuse are correlated with delinquents as they areinvolved in groups, environmental or hereditary factors thatencourage misbehavior. Thus, the more children commit or are exposedto delinquent acts, the more they will abuse drugs.


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