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Departing from my Girlfriend

Departingfrom my Girlfriend

Accordingto Shakespeare in his famous book Romeo and Juliet, love is thestrongest emotion, and falling in love causes human mind to take aback seat to all other thinking. A genuine feeling of love outdoesboth insane and normal mind. Therefore, it is one of the emotionsthat is hard to control. However, when the same love ends, it causesfeelings that tear the heart into pieces and can cause one to commitsuicide (Lovallo 112). However, no matter what happens in this worldand our lives, the sun has to rise and set. Therefore, people have todeal with separation even if it hurts the most important part of ourbody, the heart. Although several things have happened to my life,breaking up and ending my relationship with my girlfriend was themost painful milestone that has made me think about love in adifferent way and take precautions when getting into another one.

Weloved each other. Nothing could beat the feelings I had for her whenwe were together. Knowing that she was there for me and that we couldovercome everything together was a great feeling. She made me feel somuch better when she was around, and I thought that sensation wouldlast for the rest of the days of my life. I do not want to describeher since few people would agree with me. However, she was this ladythat attracts the attention of the crowd both physically and mentally(Lovallo 121). I had so much comfort when I was with her, and I knewI had the best woman in the world. However, this emotion did not lastfor long when we could not continue because we belonged to differentreligions.

Theseparation became one of my best lesson and life experiences.Firstly, I realized that no matter what happens in this world, lifehas to continue. Some people have lost their parents, and the sun hasnot stopped moving. Secondly, I apprehended that no situation in lifecan destroy a person, such conditions only give people an opportunityto look for a better approach to solving world’s problems.Specifically, I came to identify certain issues that I did not knowabout love.

Fromthat experience, I came to know that there are specific lifemilestones that require specific time, determination, truthfulness,and reality. In future, I plan to have a serious relationship at thecorrect time perhaps when am 25 years old. At this age, I can getmarried. On the same note, I will consider the barriers in life thatcan damage a relationship such as religion, family background,personal interests, and vision of the partner before giving my bestfor the relationship (Lovallo 131). Lastly, I will learn to know ifthe person I want to have as my wife is real and determined.

Inconclusion, this milestone gave me an opportunity to have anotherthought about love and relationship and approach it in a morerealistic and resolute manner. However, through the lesson, I keep onasking myself several questions. Does love overcome everything? Arepeople true to themselves when they vow to each other that they willstay together for the rest of their lives no matter the situations?Should people love others for what they are and not what they have?


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