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Discussion Board Questions


DiscussionBoard Questions

DiscussionBoard Questions

Thesocial life and future of generation x revolves around theenvironment and technology. Availability of cell phones, computers,and the internet in homes has changed how people interact in thesociety. The rate of inequality between the wealthy and the low-classcontinues to escalate however, the generation Z strongly advocatesfor social change, and this might reduce the rate of economicprejudice. To ensure equitable distribution of resources, I advocatefor all people to work towards achieving a future shaped by thepresent generation.

Socialplatforms allow a group of people with similar interests and goals tointeract and share information. Online social interaction is more ofGesellschaftas it allows people from diverse races, or backgrounds to interactbased on personal ties, occupation, and organizations of affiliation.

EmileDurkheim`s ideologies on mechanical social solidarity relate toGesellschaftwhere people interact based on similar education, lifestyle,religion, or work. On the other hand, organic cohesion conveys theGemeinschaft ideas where relations are centered on dependence andinterdependence between people.

MaxWeber defined modernity as the process of replacing the old valuesand beliefs with a new rational thinking. Modern people assert forquick and critical calculations of ideas and opinions. For example,traditional people prefer doing things in a similar manner as theirparents however, the contemporary generation prefers to do thingsrationally other than repeatedly.

KarlMax visualized communism arising from technology and humaninteractions. He advocated for equality, justice, freedom, andself-accomplishment. However, after the recent U.S. elections, changeis unlikely to occur. The people need a leader who can thinkrationally unlike the previous regimes, and ensure equitabledistribution of resources. The president-elect is likely to conformto the previous leadership styles, which have enhanced capitalism inthe society.

Thepostmodern system of stratification defines wealth based onsocioeconomic status. Economic class of individuals is defined bytheir place of residence, wealth, education, occupation, and income.


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