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Discussion Research Response to a Post Made By Group 4

DiscussionResearch: Response to a Post Made By Group 4

DiscussionResearch: Response to a Post Made By Group 4

Thepost made by group 4 addresses the issue of falls among the seniormembers of the society and the effectiveness of the strategies usedto resolve them. I agree with the authors that falls are a majorsource of injuries that limit the ability of the elderly people tolead an independent life. A study has shown that injuries caused byfalls limit the ability of elderly people to move and engage in theirdaily activities and normal occupations without relying on thesupport of relatives or caregivers (Marks, 2014).

Inaddition, I support the group’s view that the effectiveness of theinterventions that are currently being used to reduce falls is stillunclear. This argument is supported by the fact that the prevalenceof falls among this population has been increasing exponentially, inspite of the presence of these interventions. For example, studieshave shown that at least one in every three individuals aged above 65years suffers from injuries caused by falls each year (Marks, 2014).Therefore, the topic that is proposed by the group is worth studyingsince the findings of the research will go a long way on helping thestakeholders identify effective ways of reducing the falls.

Althoughthe group did not state the sampling approach that will be used,participants aged 65 years and above are an ideal population thatwill help them achieve the purpose of their research. In addition, aclearly stipulated exclusion and inclusion criteria is importantbecause it will help the group to remove the impact of the cofoundingvariables (McDonagh, Peterson, Raina, Chang &amp Shekelle, 2013).

Inconclusion, group 4 chose an important topic that will help them comeup with a solution to a disturbing issue of an increase in fallsamong the people aged at least 65 years. Additionally, the proceduresthat are proposed by the group will help it achieve the purpose ofthe research.


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