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Diversity in the workplace

Diversityin the workplace

Diversityin the workplace

Theaspect of employee inclusion and diversity in the workplace is vitalbecause it has a positive impact on the employees’ productivity andperformance. The inclusion of people from all shades and walks oflife in an organization creates a conducive working atmosphere andmotivates employees[ CITATION Gri13 l 1033 ].The aspect of workplace diversity entails the integration ofindividuals,in employment, irrespective of their physical condition, age, gender,race, and ethnicity.

Stateof workplace diversity

Inthe health center, diversity concerns have been addressed throughvarious channels such as human resource policies and regulations,training and development, and awareness programs, among others. Thehealth center embraces diversity by ensuring free and fair selectionand recruitment procedures based on meritocracy.


Varioustraining and development programs have been put in place to promotediversity in the workplace. The health center undertakes an awarenessprogram that aims at educating employees and the public in generalabout the inclusion of people in the workforce irrespective of theirdifferences. As an intern at the health center, I have participatedin education and awareness program designed to advocate for workplacediversity. My experience as an intern, in the health center, wasgreat and the organization has provided other employees and me asense of satisfaction by embracing diversity.


Workplacediversity remains a topic of paramount concern in the modern world.There have been numerous discriminatory practices in the workplacebased on factors such as age, sex, and race. Discrimination of peoplein the workplace has an adverse impact not only on the performancebut the general reputation of the firm[ CITATION Gri13 l 1033 ].The health center has embraced diversity and has established ahealthy relationship with the community.


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