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Deoxyribonucleicacid also known as DNA is a self-replicating material made up ofchromosomes carrying genetic information found in all livingorganisms. It is an unchangeable factor since it assists in showingdistinct characteristics amongst different individuals. Ribonucleicacid is present in all living things and responsible for proteinsynthesis. The DNA is solely responsible for ensuring it carries aunique genetic code of each and every living organism while the RNAacts as a messenger through the process of transporting instructionsfrom the DNA for assistance in protein synthesis. The DNA strand isreplicated through the body since central repository would take a lotof times for proteins to be made, increase chances of harmfulmutations and the body will have problems affected with proteinregulation.

Consideringthe human body make up, having one central repository of DNA willneed a long duration in the process of protein formation. The bodywill have to make it in advance before needing it. That will makeresponding to new situations very difficult. The process of proteinregulation takes place at different levels of DNA as well as otherlevels. Some cells have other DNA sections bundled tight in a proteinmass in ways that the RNA cannot be made. This implies that proteinscannot be made at this stage. That will make it hard for one centralrepository of DNA to exist in human beings (Pattanayak,Lin, Guilinger, Doudna &amp Liu 2013).

Replicationof the DNA throughout the body decreases the chances of harmfulmutation which can kill human beings. The idea is through the factthat if a single DNA part is infected it can die without affectingthe whole body. That, therefore, shows how central repository of DNAwill not be preferred on the human body (Jablonka,et al. 2014).

Inconclusion, it is evident that human beings never evolved with onecentral repository of DNA since it will bring difficulties in proteinregulations, it may cause harmful mutations on the body and a lot oftime will be taken to make proteins.


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