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Doris the Drug Dealer

Doristhe Drug Dealer


Doriswas arrested at the age of 19 years in 1974 for involvement in drugtrafficking. She was sentenced to serve 10-20 years in prison, inMichigan. However, she served only 8 months and escaped from prisonwith the help of her grandfather. She moved to an upper-middle-classneighborhood in California where she used fake documents to and namesto conceal her identity. She got married and bore three children. In2008, 34 years after escaping from prison, detectives acting on atip-off from Michigan matched her fingerprints with those of herprison records and arrested her. She was extradited to Michigan toserve her jail term. However, her friends and family want thegovernor of Michigan to pardon her.

Valuesand Point of View of Doris Drug Dealer

Dorishas turned on a new leaf. She has grown from a reckless young womanto a responsible and adorable woman. She was daring in her teenagedays, and this is why she sold drugs and escaped from prison. Theescape signifies a high level of courage since it is one of theriskiest escapades one can attempt. She now believes in integrity andaccountability. She is a responsible wife and mother. She believesthat her children will be better than her, having inculcated in themthe virtues of being responsible and staying away from drugs. Dorisis no longer a drug dealer, and she regrets her teenage life. Sheviews herself as a better person than she was in the past.

Valuesand Point of View of her Husband

Doris’husband loves her so much. He does not consider her past as such heappreciates her present life. She has changed for the better, andthat is enough for him. He explains the pain he felt when she wasarrested, saying that it is the next worst thing to death. He saysthat Doris has the highest integrity and compassion.

Valuesand Point of View of her Children

Herchildren did not know about their mother’s past. Doris is a goodmother to them. She has taught them to be responsible citizens andstay away from drugs. They hold her in high regard, and Doris evenfears that her arrest will adversely affect her son and daughters.Her children, who are part of her family, are of the view that sheshould be forgiven.

Valuesand Point of View of her Neighbors

Doris’neighbors are forgiving. When they learn of Doris’s past criminalrecord, they do not change their view they feel she is a responsiblemember of the society who should be forgiven. They say that sendingDoris back to prison will not be useful to the society. This impliesthat to them, Doris is a priceless asset to the society. Theypetitioned the governor of Michigan to pardon her.

Legaland Societal Issues

Froma legal perspective, Doris is a fugitive from justice. Regardless ofchange, she is someone who is sought after by law enforcementofficers and upon her arrest, she should face the full force of thelaw. She committed a crime and ran away from prison.

Froma social point, the purpose of a prison is to rehabilitate, and notto punish. If Doris has already reformed, meaning she hasrehabilitated herself, it makes no sense sending her back to prison.Secondly, she was arrested when she was 19, served part of her termthen escaped. She has stayed a whopping 34 years since then. She isway too old to be sent back to prison. This is a pensioner already,who should be left to age calmly.


Iam a law-abiding citizen. I acknowledge the fact that change does notnullify a crime instance the law should take its course. However,being innately human, I am of the idea that imprisoning Doris willserve no good. This is a person that has already decided to change,and she is leading by example. She has even volunteered for CommonCourse, an ethics and accountability organization. Doris deserves achance to lead her good life. The fact that it has been 34 yearssince she escaped from prison and she has not gone back to drugs isfoolproof that she has indeed changed for the better.