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Dracula Chapter Two

DraculaChapter Two

Chaptertwo of Dracula starts with Harker writing down his journal on the dayhe travels to the castle. It is May 5th, and he falls asleepthroughout the journey. He is surprised by his sudden arrival at hisdestination, and on reaching the entrance to the castle, the driverassists Harker off. He notices the strength that the driver has whenhe helps him off, though he does not seem to think much about it.Standing at the door alone, Harker has no idea as to what he is to donext but then after a short while he is welcomed inside by the count.A man Harker describes as old, with a long white mustache. The countintroduces himself as Count Dracula, with his funny accent thatHarker does not fail to notice.

ToHarker`s surprise, the old, polite man offers to escort him to hisroom personally instead of waking up the servants whom he says areasleep. After changing his clothes, Harker goes back to have hissupper. Though the count is also at the table, he declines any mealand claims to have eaten already. He then invites Harker by the fireas they indulge in a conversation about his journey. In his diary,Harker is keen to note the odd features of the Count though he doesnot realize he Dracula is a vampire.

Thenext entry on May 7th Harker realizes there are no mirrors in thecastle and he gets to know of the superstitious tales about thecastle. May 8th in the morning hours as Harker is shaving in front ofthe mirror, he hears Dracula`s voice but cannot see him in themirror. In shock, he cuts himself, and when Dracula tries to biteHarker, he stops himself, slamming the mirror. It is later thatHarker realizes that he is a prisoner in the castle.


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