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Dunkin Donuts





Accordingto Schultz (2014), organizations or companies are set up fordifferent purposes. Nonetheless, some of the general objectivesinclude profit maximization, increasing shareholder value, wideningclient base, achieving customer service satisfaction as well asensuring corporate social responsibility concept is fullyimplemented. Therefore, it is essential for any company to make surethat it has the right personnel who will be instrumental in steeringthe organization towards achieving its objectives. Equally, the topmanagement team should communicate the purpose of the company to itsemployees so that they can work together as a team towards achievingthe aim of the corporation (Baack, Reilly &amp Minnick &amp 2014).Based on the case study, my promotion from being a manager of DunkinDonuts Store in the Midwest to a District Manager will come withvarious responsibilities. With enough capital at my outlet, myconsistent, and previous successful record, I will be indebted withthe responsibility of ensuring that the five new locations areoperational and their operations are in line with that of DunkinDonuts franchisee. In light of this task, the essay will primarilyfocus on discussing my job design, organizational design, recruitingand selection processes as well as training and performanceappraisals in an effort of trying to ensure that five new locationsperform well and my previous track record keeps on thriving.

2.0Job Design

Asresearch posits, employee motivation is a vital aspect in the successof any company, organization or business entity. In coming up withthe most appropriate job design, I will create various approachesaimed at structuring the tasks and social relationships of theactivities to be undertaken so that I can create optimum levels ofinteraction, responsibility, variety and autonomy (Foss, Pedersen,Fosgaard, &amp Stea, 2015).Firstly, I will begin with jobenlargement. In this case, I will concentrate on making jobdescriptions for the new employees larger in scope by increasingtasks and responsibilities. For example, apart from the typing workwhich will be done by clerks in the locations, they will also beexpected to carry out other duties such as filing letter, sortingincoming emails as well as drafting letters. Also, the store keeperswill also be expected to answer questions about the policies of thecompany and explain its products to the consumers in addition totheir duties of maintaining records creating and receiving orders. Inthe process, job enlargement will result in improved work efficiency,decreased production costs and enhanced job satisfaction.

Secondly,I will work on job enrichment where the categories of work designedwill require higher levels of skills and knowledge, give theemployees more autonomy and responsibility and above all provide themwith an opportunity for personal and career growth (Foss et al.2015). I will also seek to ensure that the jobs are simplified bybreaking them down into smaller parts to increase employeeproductivity in the five new locations which will be opened withinthe next two years. Additionally, I will also come up with aframework that will allow employees rotate from one job to another atthe same level with similar skill requirements to avoid monotony andreduce boredom hence increasing their productivity (Baack et al.2014). More importantly, I will design a favorable and conduciveworking environment for the staff members with equitable rewardsystems, development of employee skills and ensuring their jobsecurity and satisfaction is attained. Lastly, I will conduct a jobanalysis which will entail a comprehensive description of the dutiesto be carried out by the employees based on their skills, competencelevels and suitability for the job. That will ensure that assignedjobs are well executed within a given timeframe (Foss et al. 2015).

3.0Organizational Design

Asthe District Manager of Dunking Donuts franchisee, I will make surethat the company integrates it employees, processes, and structuresto facilitate the implementation of a strategy. In this case, I willfocus on long-term strategic aspirations of the five new locations.As a result, the company’s expectations will be linked to thestrategies adopted (Santos, Pache &amp Birkholz, 2015). Equallyimportant, I will take time to assess the identified locations toestablish to the extent to which the employees will fit into theorganizational chart hence mitigating the risk of revisitingcorporate design years after the five new locations have already beenestablished (Santos et al. 2015). In addition, I will also create thepositions so that I can fully utilize the strengths of the employeeswho will occupy them. Her, I will examine and evaluate technicalskills and managerial acumen of the key personnel within theorganization. On the same note, I will also ensure that the executiveteam members are subjected to a working environment where they willreceive support and coordination from the junior staff so that theycan work as a team and steer the company towards achieving its setgoals and objectives (Baack et al. 2014).

Moreover,I will also focus on what I can control. For instance, I will come upwith a list of things that affect the organization such as thescarcities and constraints to ensure that the new organizationaldesign is successfully executed and supports the company’sobjectives for the longest time possible. I will also create anorganizational design where employees will be accountable for theirtasks without being micromanaged. Finally, I will focus on buildingmy strengths when coming up with an organizational design. That willinclude both existing practices and corporate culture held by DunkinDonuts franchisee. For instance, if the company has a custom ofclient-oriented commitment, I will think of advocating for groupswhere employees will be discussing such issues, coming up with moreformal incentives, reinforcing them and achieving customer servicesatisfaction. That will ensure the new locations perform well andmeet the expectations (Santos et al. 2015).

4.0Recruiting and Selection

Recruitmentand selection process is an integral aspect of any organization. Itis controlled and executed by the human resource department. As aDistrict Manager, hiring the best candidates for the job and reducingemployee turnover will be amongst the main objectives which I willseek to achieve for the period I will be holding that position(Absar, 2012). Therefore, I will come up with a clear guideline onthe recruiting and selecting new staff members which should befollowed by the human resource management department. In this case,the hiring section will evaluate the vacancies available and the needto hire new staff members. After that, it will develop jobdescription so that the best candidates are selected. After that, thehuman resource department will come up with a recruitment plan andselect a search committee. Then, it will advertise or post thepositions for the new locations and implement the recruitment scheme,review the applications and select a short list, conduct theinterviews, hire and eventually finalize the hiring process wheredocumentation is done and letters of offer sent to the successiveapplicants (Absar, 2012).

5.0Training and Performance Appraisals

Baacket al. 2014 argue that proper training and performance evaluationenables company managers and employees to carry out their duties moreefficiently thereby improving the outcome and overall profitabilityof an organization. Therefore, as a District Manager, I will worktogether with the employees, consult them so that we can come up witha schedule where employees are subjected to frequent trainingexercises and a mechanism for evaluating, documenting and awardingemployees based on their job performance. For instance, we can comeup with a training program describing the duration, the employees toattend, objectives or agenda of the training as well as the method oflearning such as through workshops (Baack et al. 2014). On theperformance appraisals, performing and competent employees willreceive awards, job promotions, and salary increment. That will beessential in motivating other employees to work harder subsequentlycontributing to the achievement of various goals and objectives setby the company.


Asit has been established, the success of any business depends onvarious factors such as employee motivation and proper communicationbetween the executive team and junior staff members on the purpose ofthe organization. That will ensure teamwork and improve theefficiency of the employees. The essay covered various aspects whichI will address as a District Manager of franchisee.Firstly, it discussed by job design where I covered the approaches Iwill use such as job enlargement and job enrichment. Additionally,the paper illustrated my organizational design which will be appliedto the five new locations. Apart from that, the article demonstratedmy recruitment and selection process before finalizing with mytraining and performance appraisals where I illustrated the scheduleto be used in training employees and the criteria for promoting andappraising employees because of their good performance.


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