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E-Waste London Ontario

E-WasteLondon Ontario


E-wasteLondon Ontario is engaged will the recycling of electronics ensuringthat electronics waste arereused instead of dumping them. The City of London no longer acceptselectronic garbage to be included with other wastes thus the need forsuch enterprises to help in the venture of collection and re- use ofelectronics. Many small companies also exist that are involved inthis venture like Ontario electronic stewardship, Goodwill donationcenter among others. This in itself is a significant contribution togreen business that the company has subscribed to but to a largerextent they need to do more. Their contribution is only limited tothe environment and is a necessity by law rather than it being aninitiative by the company itself. The company can contribute more tothe venture towards their employees, their customers and the planetat large[ CITATION Lon16 l 1033 ].This will assist towards the environmental care and will act as anexample to another small firm that the venture is possible and willhelp grow the green business movement.

E-wasteis involved in ensuring safe disposal of electronics waste. In themodern world and with the changing technology, more people can affordtechnological appliances. With continuous change in technology means,there is the need to acquire the latest technology thus the increasein the waste. The business is involved in that the waste is recycledby passing them to individuals who might be in need of theelectronics. The broken pieces are repaired and sold back atfavorable prices ensuring that the cycle of the electronics isconstant and that both employees and the customers are happy they getthe devices they need at favorable prices[ CITATION Pla16 l 1033 ].

Theobjective of this project is to ensure that the business is aware ofgreen ventures and adheres more setting policies that help improvethe investment of green business. One of the objectives would be tofight for better pricing of the recycled electronics ensuring thatcustomers get them at fair prices. Another objective would be to makesure that more disposal points are set where individuals can placetheir unwanted electronics. Also, it would be prudent to teach peopleon the need to dispose of their electronics and that they can donatethem to friends and neighbors who are in need of the old appliancesthey would want to dispose of[ CITATION Gre162 l 1033 ].Employees need protection from the appliances which may be harmfulemitters of unwanted material. Teaching them on how to handle themwould form part of the objectives. In addition to this employees willneed to learn on how to treat irate and non-irate customers betterand the company will need to improve on the payments they give theiremployees[ CITATION Gre161 l 1033 ].


Thebusiness is performing awfully with regards to the payments that theyprovide to their employees. There is a need for better pay packagesto act as a motivation to the employees. Also of the kind of wastethat exists, there are those that are corrosive and those that arenot harmful[ CITATION McA16 l 1033 ].To cater for the employee`s welfare, there is a need to provide themwith the right preventive attire that will help them work better andprotect them from harm. Employees also need to get priority in someof the product and to get better prices for the appliances. What wasfound is that there is more focus on selling the recoveredelectronics to customers,that the employees are forgotten, and they also need the devices.This would be a benefit to the employees give the morale boost thatthis would have on them.

Customersalso need to be taught on the different drop zones provided. Thereare wastes that are corrosive and usually destroy other old but stillfunctioning appliances. This will ensure that on dropping thedevices, others are not damaged beyond repair by the existingdestructive wastes. It was also observed that pricing of therecovered electronics re-priced on the discretion of the company. Thenew prices times makes it expensive for customers to acquire thedevices that they would have wanted. The prices need to be reduced tofavorable rates that are accommodative of the customers. These priceswill ensure that the company is appealing to the customers and hatthe chain of disposal and recycling continues.


Researchhas many constraints and with this came numerous hindrances to theinformation that was collected. First, is hard to get informationfrom the employees concerning how they were being treated by theiremployer. The fear was brought by the fact that the employeessuspected that with giving out such information, they would losetheir jobs. There was also the fear by the management to disclosetheir figures regarding the revenues they collect and the cost ofrunning the venture. This was critical in the evaluation of thefinancial saving s, but the information was limited. Thirdly, is thepolicy on small electronics that individuals are discouraged fromdisposing of in the collection point. This acted as a double systemwhich hindered the complete success of the business. There is alsothe issue of scavenging where the drop points are usually scavengedby individuals who try their luck to getting the old workingelectronics disposed of. This is dangerous given that these peopleand finding broken down electronics, they do not dispose of them backgiven their disrespect of the e-waste system.


Conclusionand Recommendations

Greenbusiness is a good venture and the investments by the company are ingood faith. The policies in place and the activities of the localauthority are in good faith and have helped the society in London togrow but more can be done. The E-waste London Ontario can engagemore in the activities of electronic waste disposal and recovery. Thecompany also needs to ensure that the working conditions of theiremployees are the right ones and that the customers get their valuefor money. There is also the need to involve the community as awhole and giving them adequate knowledge and information concerningthe activities of the company[ CITATION Nat161 l 1033 ].This will engage everyone even the non- customers and eventually willbring them into the cycle of electronic waste disposal. The companyalso needs to put in place initiatives that will help grow thebusinesscapacity wise. Advocating can also be done for more drop areas to becreated to ensure that more people can access the services and canhelp keep the environment clean from electronic pollution.


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