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East College Quality Maintenance Solution

EastCollege Quality Maintenance Solution

EastCollege Quality Maintenance Solution

Almosteveryone has heard of the term, “The Freshman Fifteen.” TheFreshman Fifteen is referred to as the weight gain of studentsusually around fifteen pounds. This change comes from first-yearcollege students becoming independent after joining a school, andthat is maintaining their eating habits as opposed to earlier whenbeing monitored by their parents. As from a study carried out in2015, one of five deaths is usually caused by obesity (Locke, et al.2015). The number has been increasing in the subsequent years. Withaccordance to the diet issue, East College is seen to be affected alot. The food provided to we as students has problems with thequality of ingredients, the choice of the available food and othercountless issues. Going to college is a challenging processconsidering the stress gone through in meeting set goals. Throughproper development in the school environment, students need to havetheir brain well feed with the right nutrients hence helping with thedevelopment process. East College, however, has a history of makingthose who eat at the place get sick often. That’s the main reasonas to why lots of people keep off from eating at East College. Thosethat have gone to the place for the first time find it to be grossand unappetizing. In case a person needs to have a meal they preferbuying cheese pizza and a bag of chips to having a meal from EastCollege. With all these in place, there must be change to help peopleget away from unhealthy meals that lead to Freshman Fifteen. The maingoal is to get rid of different diseases and illnesses which willresult in the proper development of the body, mind, and soul. To seethe effectiveness of change from meals at East College students needto ensure there is a change in academic as well as the health ofstudents. The university will stand to make a lot of money comingfrom the increased number of customers attracted by quality. Thisprocess is a one-time investment since, after the first installments,the more money the university makes, the more money it will be spenton purchasing ingredients. The solution to these problems, therefore,is to through ensuring East College avoids cheap recipes and usehealthier and high-quality ingredients.

Theproblem of low-quality ingredients and food results is evidently seenin East College. Students often choose to go for meals such as frenchfries, pizza, and bread for they feel healthy to them. These mealsare appealing to them for they are not associated with differenttypes of illnesses, unlike the other cooked meals. This is when theFreshman Fifteen takes a toll. The body cannot stay healthy fromeating unhealthy food day after day and therefore making it react tothe new conditions. Sooner or later students begin becoming sick aswell as developing other numerous complications. It will only be amatter of time until the whole college is affected by illness. Theresulting factor to these conditions will involve student’s failureto attending classes. That will lead to poor performance in theirstudies a resulting factor that has originated from Freshman Fifteen,and obesity in first years that have just joined college. The mealsfreshness and presentation of meals provided at East College is theother issue of concern. These two factors are inclined to whether ornot students will choose to eat the food provided. The open thing isdetermining the state through which the food offered to the studentis, and that involves how good or bad that could be. Continuousaccess to low-quality meals and exposure to different instances ofcomplications are the main factors that make students go back to thebags of chips and ice cream. The quality of food provided isdetermined by the amount leftover found at East College.

EastCollege needs to come up with a system put in play to overcome theissues of the quality of food provided. The measures need to beattainable and follow a certain pattern that has the focus on thequality of meals provided. First, purchasing high-quality ingredientswill assist in doing away with illnesses among students. This will bepossible only if there is an increase in expenditure throughinvestments in buying ingredients. The university should, therefore,increase its spending on the ingredients purchased and used toprepare meals. To help with cutting on cost, the added expenditureshould be evenly put on the cost of meal plans. Secondly, instead ofallowing foodstuffs to be in the freezer for days, weeks and evenmonths, there should be a limit on how long products can be stored.Time after time a procedure to have new orders of vegetables, fruits,and other smaller items since they are sensitive and prone to gettingbad easily. This will result to cleanliness and freshness ofdifferent products in the provided meals. The quality of foodprovided and the prevention of illness will make customers adjust tothe prices and therefore ruling it out as a problem. Lastly,preparation of the food should be given proper attention. EastCollege should start cooking their meals early enough to ensure thatthe food takes enough time to be ready for consumption by thestudents. All this will act as a great indicator if all will love thefood or viewed as a quality product (Bartolozzo et al. 2016).

Properconvincing is a major step in ensuring that you have customers adjustto your new prices. Opposition may come from increased pricing. Thatwill not be a big problem or at least not for a long time. The reasonis because it is mandatory for students living on campus to purchasefood in the premise. However, they will also realize the change inquality and therefore adjust to the new processes easily. Regardlessof that, the main thing is to ensure you refute this objection. Thatwill be possible through adding a few dollars to an increasedacademic performance. More meal plans purchased and plans that leadto losing of the negative attitude that comes along with the image ofEast College are also important aspects of dealing with the problem.The more meal plans being purchased, the more improve performance atStephen F. Austin State University due to increased generation ofrevenue from the extra cash made out of the new prices. Therefore, ifEast College stepped up its quality of meals, there will be increasedthe change of heart to students purchasing desserts which will helpimprove their health. The overall benefit of this process will beensuring that the academic performance of individual’s students, aswell as the university as a whole, improve in the best possible ways(Liu, et al. 2014)

Aftertaking time in thinking out this issue and a doing some research onhow to deal with such problems, it came out clearly that improvementof quality was the only way out. I went to the Stephen F. AustinState University and did an extensive research through interviewingstudents and staff at East College, therefore, getting down to theroot of the problem. My conclusion involved looking at multiplesolutions and the objections that will be faced in this wholeprocess. As a freshman at the University, it is also what l feel asan important part of the community being the most suitable solutionto help with this process. The combination of all these aspects hashelped me determine it as the best solution existing.

Inconclusion, the overall issues of concern with East College atStephen F. Austin State University lie with the food provided. Thereis a problem with the quality of food being provided thereforerequiring a solution. That, therefore, brings the need to replace thecurrent ingredients used to make food are replaced with qualityingredients, there will be a huge improvement coming from theuniversity as a whole. The goals will be met by the institutionadjusting its operations, and that is through slight increasing ofprices so as to take care of the increased expenditure on the qualityingredients wished for.This idea will face objection, but aftersometimes students will adjust and enjoy the new services at theirdisposal. With all these considerations, East College will go frompreparing bad food to providing the most delicious meals around andtherefore increase the returns from food being purchased.


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