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“Education is the key to unlocking the golden door of freedom” (Georger W. Carver)

&quotEducationis the key to unlocking the golden door of freedom&quot (Georger W.Carver)

GeorgeWashington Carver said, &quotEducation is the key to unlocking thegolden door of freedom.&quot He implied on the great importance ofeducation on the individual and the entire society. According toGeorge, education enables people to get chances and opportunitiesthat they wouldn’t get if they were uneducated. Education enablespeople to open the closed doors of illiteracy, stupidity, andignorance. It allows people enjoy the freedom of knowledge andself-confidence.


Educationgives knowledge and boosts one`s self-esteem and confidence. Theskills and tools offered through education enable people to navigatethrough the world. Education unlocks the door of freedom by givingpeople the opportunity to prove their talents in different fields.Proper education opens the ways into the future. It improves one`smental, social and intellectual abilities. Technical skills are alsoboosted through education. Childhood dreams can only be made valid ifone gets the right education. Even for people with talents such as insports, music or games need to achieve in their studies so that theycan be more confident and build other skills. Education is capable ofchanging one`s perception from negative to a positive. Educationenables one to have an enlarged view of the world (Baker, 2014).&nbsp It makes us more civilized. Education enables one to contribute tothe society. Different specializations help people coexist. Forexample professionals like doctors, engineers, accountants, andteachers are only made from education.


Inis evident that education is a tool that can be used to get goodthings in life. It has the power to save us from exploitation andoppression. No one can take advantage of an educated person becausethey are aware of their rights and freedoms. Education enables oneto exploit their mental ability and come up with ideas that are lifechanging. It is the only way to achieve opportunities and dreams.


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