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Educational Opportunity Program Essay

EducationalOpportunity Program Essay

As a student, finances are instrumental in ensuring that the learningprocess is efficient. For instance, I have faced financial challengesin the past that interfered with the sessions, and I had to strugglein order to catch up with the rest of the class. Hence, I believethat I am the most eligible student for the Educational Opportunityprogram since I have the resilience and persistence to achieve theappropriate academic status. In this case, I will take advantage ofthe chance and engage in my education to succeed at the end of theacademic years.

I believe that I am the right person for the Educational OpportunityProgram since I have the passion and the zeal to succeed. In fact, Ihave faced multiple financial challenges in the past that provide themotivation to thrive. In this case, the special academic assistancewill be useful in finishing all the units and undertaking the testsas required. More important, finances are a key aspect in the successof a student since one will learn without the huge emotional burdenof the piling fees balance and other basic needs. However, once thefees balance is settled, I will have the freedom to engage in theacademic sessions with enough confidence. My academic journey showsthe resilience and the challenges that I have experienced as astudent. Despite the circumstances, I have been able to overcome theodds, and my success shows that I want to achieve more so that I canchange my story and ensure that my family will have a comfortablelife than what they have experienced in the past. I believe that withenough support, I will be able to achieve higher academic goals thatwill be helpful in shaping my future in the job market that hasturned out to be more competitive and needs versatile graduates.

I will take advantage of the program and spend a significant periodof my academic years to understand more concepts. More important, Iknow that one is able to acquire higher grades through the dedicationand enough effort. I will attend most of the lectures in order tointeract with the professors and get the first-hand information. Infact, the scenario provides a chance to ask any questions that willbe helpful and will clarify any complex concepts outlined. In thiscase, I will undertake extensive research using the databases in thelibrary to grasp every topic covered in class. Besides that, I willinteract with the other students in a bid to create discussion groupsthat will enhance our abilities to work together and help each otheracademically (Lei Hsieh et al., 2013). I believe that I can make ahuge addition to the class and the entire school since I mightcontribute in the co-curricular activities. For instance, I will workwith the other students in empowering some of the people from thesurrounding communities and engage in activities that will help incleaning the environment too.

In conclusion, I hope that you will consider my application so that Ican be one of the beneficiaries of the EOP. In fact, I will use theopportunity to improve my knowledge and acquire higher grades.Besides that, I will benefit from the facilities at the institutionsince the well-developed libraries even have enough technologicaldevices that will provide access to the academic databases. I promisethat I will not disappoint you, and you will appreciate the effortthat I will place in the academic field.


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