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Edward Jones Investing in People

EdwardJones Investing in People

EdwardJones Investments was stated in 1922 by Edward Jones Sr. The companymade a record by 2006 for being the 4th largest broker in the U.S.due to the company’s unique approach to investing in the clients,the company grew fast from a small business to one of the greatestorganizations. The main strategy that played a big role in EdwardJones was the principle of having a close clientele relationship. Inthe long run, this principle gave the clients a sense of belongingand that they mattered to the company. The general principle ofcreating investments that were long-term increased the customer basefor the company. Offering the best quality services and easyaccessibility ensured customer satisfaction and a great degree ofincrease in investments.

Thecompany through a wide range of services including stock, bonds, andsavings the company remains to be one of the renowned people-investorcompanies. Providing long-term investment advice and support, EdwardJones ensures that they retain their clients for the longest periodpossible. This strategy has therefore continued to develop thecompany’s profit and add to the number of potential clients in thefuture (Greenberg, 2013). In estimation, Edward Jones point ofsuccess was deciding to invest in people from the grass-root to thevery top. In the context, Edward Jones is an image of success andprofit to existing and upcoming companies.

Competitors,therefore, need to put in more effort to catch up with the alreadyestablished Edward Jones. This is because besides being a brokeragethere are additional financial packages which aim to ensure consumersatisfaction. Edward Jones invests in the middle class which meansthey give investment opportunity to those that have ‘medium’income. This adds to the benefits of the company in that themiddle-class accounts for the larger part of the population.Emphasizing on the middle-class is an advantage itself as theclientele feel like they belong with an investor who cares. To cementa relationship with the client is the core of the creation ofcontinuous trust in the company.

Toeliminate the aspect of doubt, the company started on a small scaleand grew to what it is at the present. This factor adds more meaningto the customer when searching for an investment partner. As theirresponsibility, the company continues to channel its focus on aone-on-one aspect of dealing with its clients. The effort to increasethe number of financial advisors all over the country and beyond is arewarding exercise. There is bound to be an increase in the number ofclients, who will most likely grow financially with the company foran indefinite period.


Inconclusion, Edward Jones as described by Greenberg Edward Jones is aninvestment company with a vision for the future. The effort thecompany has put to grow hand-in-hand with the client is remarkable.This principle is clearly a success in its own right. It isprofitable to invest in the client because the client develops adegree of faith and trust in the company. This does not mean Edwardand Jones never incur losses, but the degree of concrete relationshipwith the client ensures the company is sustainable. More importantly,the customer is able to picture a future with the company withoptimism. Edward Jones is, therefore, a positive example of thebenefits of investing in people and guiding them throughout theirfinancial journey.


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