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Effective Communication among Health Care Workers

EffectiveCommunication among Health Care Workers

EffectiveCommunication among Health Care Workers

Effectivecommunication among the medical professionals is a vital element toprovide an excellent nursing environment to improve the conditions oftheir patients. Effective communication presents an opportunity toestablish good working relationships with the team players, preventerrors and streamlines patient management in the health sector.Ineffective communication among health care practitioners is one ofthe primary contributing factors to medical mistakes that lead toharm, injury, prolonged stay, extensive use of resources, andunexpected death of the patient. Studies and research conducted inthe past indicated that poor communication between nurses andphysicians is one of the major contributing elements to medicalerrors. Notably, under our case study, the interaction between thenurse and physician at 2.00 am, the time patient was meant to begiven pain management orders, shows a break-down in communicationbetween the two practitioners. The nurse-physician association has adirect impact on the patient care quality and the outcome. The casestudy indicates the existence of a gap in communication which wouldlead to the negative result on the patient’s health. Nurses andphysicians are the primary players in the patient`s management thefailure of the two parties to execute their mandate would lead topoor management of the patients (Apker, Propp, Zabava Ford, &ampHofmeister, 2006)

Theassociation between the nurse and the dietary staff indicates thelack of collaborative communication. To improve the patient outcomeand quality emphasis is drawn on integrating various attributesincluding shared responsibilities, open communication, anddecision-making processes to encourage error free-practices (Suter etal., 2009)

Moreover,the incorrect meal presented by the dietary staff is perceived as anexpression of failure in communication between the nurse and thedietary staff. Particularly, to be able to avoid adverse effectsstemming from poor communication, medical practitioners areencouraged to adopt an open communication to minimize medical errorsand increase patients’ safety. Communication is a criticalcomponent in professional practice Medical teams are, therefore,invited to embrace efficient and integrated communication in clinicalpractice.


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